Prophets Are More Respected Than The Shepherds

August 17, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Code Of Conduct / 2 Comments »

Nowadays Prophets in Celestial Church are now like small gods. Many Celestians no longer see shepherds in their parish as more important because they believe he is not a prophet except the ones who are prophets before becoming Shepherds.

Bigger parishes now want a prophet to be their shepherds because they want a person that sees the vision and gives the prophecy. The respect for prophets during revivals and programs is far different from that of the shepherd whereas the shepherd is the head and the leader.

It is now glaring that most Celestians are after prophecy. Shepherds too get a direct message from God, that’s what most Celestians don’t know. Who should be respected most?

Although the prophet is the mouthpiece of God and the eye of God in the church, the shepherd holds the leadership mantle in the church which everyone must respect. Respect should go for both of them and give to the head what it duly deserves.

Placing the prophet so high more than the Shepherd will only cause a division in the house of God. Shepherds carry a special anointing that all prophets are under.  Members are to be warned for them not to see the anger of God. I will gladly say let brotherly love continue between both shepherds and prophets for the glorification of Christ.

Who Are They Both Working For?

Everything the prophet does is all for the glorification of God’s glory, not for any man. what about the shepherd? It’s still the same thing. So where is the division coming from?


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2 responses to “Prophets Are More Respected Than The Shepherds”

  1. Leader Seyi says:

    Oga calm down, e bi like say you like prophets pass Olusho. Hmmm Shepherds are more highly ranked both spiritually and physically above prophets. Let no prophet feel he or she can’t be answerable by the Shepherd.
    That prophet is looking for the wrath and anger of God.
    What are you saying? That they should work together? God will safe them, if they are obedient. Lolz eeeeeee A prophet who feels he or she can not cooperate with the shepherd, should go.
    They can’t cause division in the church.
    Whoever wants to cause division in the church is only wasting his or her time.
    Shepherd is shepherd. The leadership over all ministers.
    Prophet is prophet. The messenger under the authority of the shepherd.
    Prophet works under the authority of the Olusho. Olusho supports them with grace. He gives prophets favour in the house of God according to his riches. God has given Olusho so much riches, so it is left for Olusho to share bit or plenty of the blessings. It is his choice. You can’t force Olusho to do what he does not want, especially if it is does not concern him.

    Prophets humble yourselves. Iteriba. EMI teriba fun EMI.
    Prophets tremble before your shepherds with reference, so that you can find favour in God’s eyes.
    Many prophets have gone into trouble because of pride.

  2. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Thank you for write up.
    Point of correction: prophets in CCC are not gods. That is an insult to CCC.
    Qualify them in any expressions you may like, but avoid saying they are gods irrespective of whatever they do, they are common human beings not more. Galatians 6: 7. What kind of trees they are will be known. They cannot be more.
    If just after the burial ceremonies of Pa OSCHOFFA our so called seniors elders of then didn’t willingly introduce disorder in CCC by self claiming pastors, anointing anyhow, exporting the cup of anointment, CCC wouldn’t be transpirating today.
    Prophets are not gods in CCC..
    God bless HIS Holy CCC
    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (

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