Prophets/Prophetesses Night: Take Note Of This Clarification

June 18, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Order of Service / 1 Comment »

The truth is, I have been a strong advocate for the struggle against the idea of turning Thursday night into prophets and prophetesses’ night.

I believed that the people purposely switched the normal Friday afternoon service to Thursday night for their selfish interests and not until the Sharon Parish Shepherd, Snr. Evang. S.O. Shofowora explained the difference or similarity between the two.

Though the Thursday vigil is still not listed in the Order of Service, we all need to agree with me on this that, it is a self-made service.

Here is Baba Sharon’s position, “Thanks Michael for ur analysis on the issue and l like the way you threw it out for discussion and enlightenment. The truth is that Thursday night is not prophet service but vigil just as many arms of the church like Sidesmen, youths, choir etc have their vigils. The prophet’s service is Friday afternoon. Critics have tried to stop the vigil and take it for service but let everybody know this, if you receive a gift through the service and you don’t watch and pray, the devil will destroy the gift and the owner. The prophets are targeted seriously by the devil so they must gather for prayers to fight and defend themselves. Whoever condemns this wants to open room for the devil to kill our prophets. Lastly, the spirit of God will always come down wherever the spiritual atmosphere is acceptable to God according to the purpose of the gathering, thanks.”

I think some points here are valid. What do you think?


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One response to “Prophets/Prophetesses Night: Take Note Of This Clarification”

  1. Evan oke says:

    A terrible attempt at giving a good answer I suffice that the injuction when given was not considered by the holy spirit hence the need for human wisdom to supersede.
    Baba Sharon is wrong there are two parameters by which the service was changed it wasn’t because the devil was fighting prophets .
    Prophetic service was changed at the time in the alternative Thursday in the late 70s because at the stated time on Friday most prophets were at work hence the inability to attend, the change was permitted by the pastor founder then, it was with strict warning that papa allowed it today tgat wEning has taken root .
    The service is to be done in broad day light not night because demonic forces operate at night so I you have done tge service in daylight you have no operation with other forces .
    It is that other forces tgat has made our prophets what they are today . The quality of prophecy has so much diminished that you can hardly get 80percent accuracy.

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