Prophets Service: Thursday Or Friday, When Does The Holy Spirit Descend?

June 17, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Church Build-up / 2 Comments »

In the past years in Celestial Church of Christ, great shepherds in CCC have once said, according to Papa Oshoffa, that prophet service was done on Friday afternoon by midnight unlike now.

But for some shepherds in Celestial Church of Christ today, they never believed that conducting prophet service on Thursday midnight is not constitutional and also Holy Spirit doesn’t descend but only that Friday being said by the pastor founder of the church.

So many Parishes in this age now conduct their Prophet service on Thursday night, because most of the shepherds said members don’t usually have time on Friday afternoon for service and most of them are always at their place of work.

Many Shepherds termed Thursday night prophet service as a wasted effort because the Holy Spirit doesn’t descend on Thursday but Friday. Should we say those who do their Prophet Service on Friday are not receiving anything or those who got their gift is not God who gave them?

Either it’s Thursday or Friday, to me, it doesn’t concern God. He pours out His Spirit, He’s only being concerned with those that are prepared to fellowship with Him.

Many questions remain unanswered in Celestial Church. Do you really think God won’t answer the prayers of those who do on Thursdays? Kindly share your opinion.

May God help and bless Celestial Church.


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2 responses to “Prophets Service: Thursday Or Friday, When Does The Holy Spirit Descend?”

  1. S O Show. says:

    Thanks Michael for ur analysis on the issue and l like the way you threw it out for discussion and enlightment. The truth is that Thursday night is not prophet service but vigil just as many arms of the church like Sidesmen,youths,choir etc have their vigils. The prophets service is Friday afternoon. Critics have tried to stop the vigil taken it for service but let everybody know this, if you receive gift through the service and you don’t watch and pray, the devil will destroy the gift and the owner. The prophets are targeted seriously by the devil so they must gather for prayers to fight and defend themselves. Whoever condemns this wants to open room for the devil to kill our prophets. Lastly the spirit of God will always come down wherever the spiritual atmosphere is acceptable to God according to the purpose of the gathering, thanks.

  2. Adenekan Imole Dare says:

    Halleluyah God bless you sir because you have finished it all, you said God is only concern about does who are ready to fellowship
    There is no time the holy spirit is not ready for us
    It is only if we are ready to receive him
    Thank you God bless us all in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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