Proposed N10 Million To Host EMF Oshoffa In Abuja…Waste Or Gain?

May 26, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / On The Spot / 4 Comments »


As regards to the countdown and anticipated arrival of Rev EMF Oshoffa’s visitation to Abuja, many hands have been on deck to make the hosting of the God’s servant a wonderful one.

In his visitation, it is anticipated that bondage will be loosed, those who are held captives shall be delivered, barren land shall be fruitful, and the gates of hell shall be destroyed.

The grey area is the hosting committee’s proposed budget of N10 (ten) million to be spent on hosting EMF Oshoffa. Is this not too much? And I hope it is not another way to siphon money again. If 10 million is used for hosting EMF in Abuja, then the scenario in CCC is similar to what is happening in Nigeria’s government.

How much is the flight expense to bring him and the twenty-one personnel to come with him? Can the total cost of flights to and fro amount to three million? Or are they staying for a month in Abuja?

Accountability is the key in all that we do. It would cost 10 million naira. Then there should be transparency and accountability before and after the event. I hope it wont end the ICC way. Time, they say, will tell.


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4 responses to “Proposed N10 Million To Host EMF Oshoffa In Abuja…Waste Or Gain?”

  1. Ade says:

    Imagine! Are they hosting the host of angels and even if they are, the holy ones will never be hosted with monetary exchange. Too bad. This is total waste and corruption in the hierarchy of our church.

  2. Chris A. Ogbaisi says:

    Let me assume this is a rumour and not true .If it is , then truly enemies of this church will surely lick the dust . Enemies of this church are those who still want to milk this church dry and use it to cover up their mischievious acts .
    Imagine 10m naira to host the Pastor on visitation to Abuja who does that ? And where is the funds coming out from ? How I wish i can send the bandits to kidnap the planners , the host ,the Guest and his entourage. This is absurd and insulting to our intellectual reasoning .
    Come to think of it what is the objective of this state visitation ? To familiarize with the members so that we can sing our usual ” Jesu ti joba ” when there is no content in the visit whether to win more souls and propagate salvation to mankind . What perception are we building or trying to build for a Pastor who can not champion a peace meeting between himself and his team for years now ? What visitation are we looking at for a Pastor who has legal matters here and there challenging his authority , couple with poor information/ publicity managers who can not help in managing the Pastor and his obvious deficiencies .
    You want to spend 10m to host the Pastor when 90% of members are still in abject poverty , you still milk them through anointments to fund boisterous lifestyle of the few handlers of the church . Where is the source of this 10m and let them give us a breakdown of the budget , I can assure you bulk of it is on hotel accomodation, feeding security , flight tickets . No provision to visiit the down trodden and give them hope , no provision to visit the Presidency or the Villa and fraternize with the Government to further showcase the work of God . No provision to visit National Hospital Abuja for special healing session , no provision for massive crusade to show case glory of the old when divine miracles ,healings and redemption are experience . What you will experience might be jamboree as usual and the usual meriment . Who did this to us for God sake ?
    A church without any vissible investment or tangible projects to showcase for coming generations , a church with mono income through annointment pranks to generate income from the low and gullible minds has no accountability or transparency to leave a good legacy behind .
    When all other churches are moving forward geometrically creating wealth ,multiplying wealth and preserving wealth for coming generations , Celestial church of christ is using funds to create consumption and living large with peanuts they get . Over 700m is idle in the church accounts both in naira and domiciliary account as a result of conflicts between the Pastor and his team . The funds keep loosing value in an inflationary economy of 18.6% yet we are increasing our consumption rate without thinking how best to enhance our investment portfolio . ” no be juju be that ”
    A church of over 70 years with worshippers of over 10m both home and abroad cannot boast of 10b investment scheme , cannot be proud to have made 1000 worshippers rich through empowerment scheme . Cannot be proud of setting up projects or conclude a meaningful project for the church . The only projects we always conclude are ;
    1 . Annointments which is now quarterly
    2. Annual harvest of various parishes
    3. Annual imeko convocation
    4. Pastorial visitations
    5. Court cases .
    6. Opening of more parishes to rake in owo igba and plan retirement not to win souls . I stand to be corrected .

    I challenge any of the authority to come out and showcase to me any projects they have embarked on to improve asset of the church and not tailored towards consumption .

    We really need to talk to ourselves and see how to revertv to the right track .
    10m budget for Pastoral visitation to Abuja is a collosal waste and bad fund management .

  3. Alagba korede says:

    This is an attempt to make a very weak leader look strong. An attempt to make an illegal leader look legal. An attempt by his fake MPIC members to protect their self centered interest. Extreme hypocrisy and deception. The impostor cannot even pray, preach or teach. Now a 10 Million Naira trip to Abuja to pray for Nigeria when EMF cannot even solve the problem of CCC. What a waste.

  4. Excellency says:

    Inside life

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