Prostitution: How Mothers Benefit From Their Daughter’s ‘Hookup’ Outings

May 31, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / Add Comment »

The prevailing economic crunch in the country has forced many young girls to turn to prostitution in exchange for money to feed themselves, their mothers and siblings, this is a known fact in the country today.

Girls as young as 15 move out of their jurisdictions so as not to be easily identified, lodge in a hotel in the city with some friends, go to nightclubs and sell their bodies from N10k-50k depending on your bargaining power, #cno findings have revealed.

Many of these girls have become the heads of their households, carrying the sole responsibility of providing for their mothers. Some must take care of younger siblings or children of their own and their grandmothers too.

The current situation in the country has led to a scarcity of food and an increase in women and girls who need support now more than ever. And their needs must be met. Something must be used in exchange. In the process, a lot of them have been exposed to ritual killers and they have seriously fed their body parts to the gods or riches.

Though, some have joined this oldest profession out of their greed instinct or through peer pressure. Despite making this money daily, there is rarely enough for them to take care of their needs hence they continue in the trade.

Millions of girls and women facing cruel realities such as this are also members of our church. They are part of the decayed system and their mothers are part of the glorious women sitting in the front role close to the altar.

Call it prostitution, and they will tell you that they aren’t prostitutes but strictly “run girls. What is prostitution? Prostitution is an act in which a lady makes her body available to any kind and class of man she accepts, to fulfil a pleasure demanded of her to get what she wants. There is no other manner to design it, they are into the shameful act of prostitution.

Major Benefits of this act include:

They will be financially buoyant; this makes them, to an extent, stable financially in the sense that, they get financially settled by whom they hook up with to give their body as a fulfilment of pleasures.

Ability to support their family needs and wants in an urgent situation; some of these prostitutes in garments are from poor backgrounds, which in their own beliefs, choose prostitution as a quick way to earn money for their financial needs and wants, and therefore they use the money to solve their problems. e.g school fees, accommodation, feeding, e.t.c

Youths are not in the right position to work and feed their parents, but due to the economic downturn, bad is exchanged for good, and good is exchanged for bad. Those ills in society are what the youth now see as a succour to get rich.

How can this act be curbed?

1. Job Opportunities:
I believe that if there are many job opportunities for the youths, that can have a suitable payment, most of them would not find pleasure or get involved in such activities, especially those that are into it because of their family background.

Though, what they may be getting at the end of the month is nothing compared to what they earn in their hook-up bizness daily. But at least, it will be with dignity and honour intact.

2. Human Capital

Human capital consists of the knowledge, skills, and health that people invest in and accumulate throughout their lives, enabling them to realize their potential as productive members of society.

Until Parishes see it as a duty to start investing in their members and empower them just as other denominations are doing, we may continue to lose a lot of human resources to other denominations.

You don’t have to spend N10m on a visit that has added no value, morally, spiritually or economically. Channel the same energy into empowering your members and see the result in two years.

3. Government Empowerment Programme:

If these girls are seriously supported it will reduce the rate of ladies getting involved in prostitution. But a lot of those who claim to be government agents who empower people end up luring a lot of them to bed before even trying to give them the empowerment package which has been heavily deducted to nothing thus rendering the government effort useless.

4. Impacting them with good morals

Impacting good morals on them by their parents or guardians is another key to curbing the excess of their involvement in the dirty business.
Most of the ladies involved in this act were not brought up with good teachings, which may help them to endure the hard time that lure them into the act of prostitution. With serious virtues instilled in them, it will make them place a premium value on themselves and not devalue them by selling their body cheaply for whatever amount.


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