We Are Proud Celestial Church Of Christ Members Not Herbalists

April 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 5 Comments »

We are Celestial Church of Christ,

We believe in the #BIRTH, #DEATH, #RESSURECTION of Jesus Christ Saviour of Mankind,

We read The Holy Bible and not Teleguided by pamphlet /book

We greet one another Halleluyah…Heavenly Language

We observe the Lent /Fast Period

We Honour Holy Mary a day set aside in the Month of July

We are Christians we are not Herbalist or The Occult.

We admonish Purity and total submission to the Gospel of Christ and the will of God

Always refreshing to be in the presence of God.

But if you prefer to trust people who put on Mufti during the day but Tie Red or Black piece of Cloth at night you are free but don’t tell me my “immaculate White Garment” is Demonic….. You know nothing and will just face God’s wrath for being a blind spiritual Judge…

I am a Humble but Proud Celestial Church of Christ Member…..Halleluyah

-Emem Ojo

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5 responses to “We Are Proud Celestial Church Of Christ Members Not Herbalists”

  1. Prince Steven Olu says:

    If i hear… So proud 2 b a member Jare, despact am still a baby convert. Dos Pple Dat Hate Us Secretly Come 4 Consultation. Holy Mary Wll Uphold Us oooo.

  2. togbe idowu says:

    happy easter too celestia

  3. Olufunmi says:

    Exalted to be a beneficiary of this unending grace. Proudly omo cele for life

  4. Evangelist Daniel F. Ogedengbe says:

    Yes, my brothers : those who hate and criticise Celestial Church of Christ are predominantly those who are evil and would not want to be exposed.
    As for my family and I, we are glad to be respectable elders and stalwart worshippers of God in Celestial Church of Christ, World-wide, Amen! Amen.!! and Amen!!!
    One Love! One Indivisible Celestial Church of Christ!! One God!!!

  5. oluwafemi adedeji williams says:

    so proud as you my brother.

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