Prove To The Oneness Of God As 8-Year-Old Muslim Girl Goes On Trance In Celestial Church (Photos)

February 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 2 Comments »

Jihmarta Malaika 2 Jihmarta MalaikaThis is an indication that there is no power anywhere but from God. And also that be it Islamic, Christianity or what have you, we call on just one God, he’s also known as Allah, the greatest. In one of the parishes under the umbrella of Celestial Church of Christ, Jihmartha Parish, Sango Ota in Ogun State, an eight-year old pupil, Aliya Adisa, whose parents are Islamic practitioners, has gone on trance during a vigil service yesterday.

No doubt, the spirit of God is always with His people and shows mercy from His Holy throne to those who have genuinely hearkened unto the voice of His calling.

According to what the authority at the parish posted on their Facebook wall, it’s really one of the many wonders of the church we are proud to identify with.

“GOD OF SBJ OSHOFFA LIVETH! 8 years old Muslim pupil, Aliya Adisa went into trance during vigil service today. Mr & Mrs Adisa who are devoted Muslim attended the vigil because they heard that Sodiq the Muslim student who went to trance last year is among the six members of our church currently in 7 days trance, in which three out of them are youths (secondary school students). She is the youngest and the only primary school pupil among the 7 in trance. HOLY SPIRIT takes absolute control and they are still here as we speak.”

Is God of Celestial not real?

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2 responses to “Prove To The Oneness Of God As 8-Year-Old Muslim Girl Goes On Trance In Celestial Church (Photos)”

  1. Andrew says:

    She is a child, it’s her parents that are Muslims not the lil girl.
    Children are innocent, so yes God will even use a child from a hindu family. Would you say our God is the same as Hindu gods ?
    God forbid !!!
    Is it not written that God used the mouth of an ass to speak to Balam….

    Our Lord God ( Jesus Christ ) is NOT the god of Muslims …. allah says : he has no son… / we know that God gave his Only Son to die for the world……
    Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord…to the Glory of God…. ( in this life or the next every human being / Muslim or Christian or unbeliever SHALL confess that Jesus Christ is The Lord our God….
    Not allah ……
    Even a real Muslim will tell you that, he is a normal prophet in their book of faith… Nothing more and nothing less, just a good prophet and that he didn’t die on the cross.
    Is Jesus just a prophet ? Or is Jesus the One who Peter said He is…. ( The Christ )
    Did Jesus die on the cross or not ?

    Please preach the TRUTH !!!

    Peace upon you all……

  2. Franca Ogbomida Omeh says:

    Our God is great ! He will surely show the world heavenly glory.

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