A Purposeful Woman Must Not Go For Anointment Before Marriage

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Hannah AdenikeA beautiful female member of the church, Hannah Hardehola Herdenikeh, has submitted this piece on her Facebook Timeline about the position of purposeful women in the church and what they need to do to keep their heads up. There are some lessons you will learn from this as a woman.

The purposeful woman (Proverb 31 vs 10-31)

PURPOSE is a result, end, aim or goal of an action intentionally – undertaken, it is far more than the starting point of greatness but the centerline that guides individual to greatness overtime.

A purposeful woman is a good wife always ready to help her husband, proverb 31 vs 10-11 talks about virtuous woman, a virtuous woman is a purposeful woman, A purposeful woman is also a woman with great mission, that has a unique purpose and God has a purpose for her in return


God said “it’s not good for the man to be alone” he added ” I will make a helper” that is why God assigned women as helper but before God’s purpose can be established in the life of a woman, she has to understand and also accept the place God has placed her.

God’s purpose for women is blessing, to bless her in all ramifications.

According to God, a purposeful woman is not an authority sharer but she is required to be under the man authority. If she subdue to his authority, then the blessings declared unto her (covenant) will be fulfilled.

If a woman follow the standard according to God, that is only when she will be fulfilled and become a purposeful woman. If a woman does according to what are peers are doing , she will miss the track and that will bring disasters in future (bareness e.t.c) I will like to say that a woman who followed the protocol according to God can never be barren ( it might take a whole but will certainly become fruitful).

NOTE: A woman who wants to be purposeful must not go for anointment before marriage.

Examples of purposeful women are Mary, Hannah, Deborah, Esther e.t.c

The necessary aspect of a purposeful woman

  1. She must be holy
  2. She must be honest.
  3. She must be a good worshipper (1 cor.11:2-16)
  4. She must be a worker (ROM.16:1)
  5. She must be a witness ( 1 Peter 3:1)
  6. She must be a warrior ( Acts 1:4 & 12:12).
  7. She must be a window (2 Timothy 1:15)
  8. Sober
  9. A good example.
  10. Lover if their husband & children.
  11. Discreet
  12. Chaste
  13. Keepers at home.
  14. Good.
  15. Submissive.

In Conclusively


  1. Schedule a devotional appointment
  2. Choose your tools.
  3. Start with prayer
  4. Use your bible.
  5. Read it until you get it.
  6. Don’t Just read d Bible do what it says
  7. Make a commitment
  8. Don’t give up

– Hannah Adeshola Adenike (Written as Hannah Hardehola Herdenikeh on Facebook)

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2 responses to “A Purposeful Woman Must Not Go For Anointment Before Marriage”

  1. lawal abiola says:

    I love this message please keep posting such it really going to help some one woman that think adultery is not a sin.

  2. NINIOLA says:

    what about the car of appointment to instead of anointments

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