Questions Many Celestial Church Members May Not Be Able To Answer!

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Unarguably, we’re all born for a purpose. For God to have chosen us into this great fold, Celestial Church of Christ, it’s for a reason. You have a significant role you are to play but have you ever asked yourself, what exactly you are doing in this church? What interests you about the church? Despite all the flaws, why are you still here in CCC?

Well, not many people will be able to answer this question, it’s rhetorical, it’s something you cannot even understand, the reason is because, God has designed you to be here and fulfill your destiny. If that is the major reason, why then are we doing so many things that have no impact on eternity in the church? Your life has a purpose, your story is important, your dreams count, your voice matters, you were born to make an impact.

Some of us just exist; what we do is to come to church, go back home without making an impact to affect the church positively. Doing things in the house of God will make you live not just exist because none of us know how much time we have left on this earth. What is left when you are gone are your actions, the memories you left behind and how you made people feel. We all know the story of Dorcas!

Celestial Church seems to be a place for everyone to do all sorts of things but it’s actually a church with a Divine Order. It’s a church solely being led by the Holy Spirit. It’s a church of heaven brought to the earth for us through the Grace-LULI.

CCC is not a place for Babalawos, it’s not a place for the Ogbonis, not a place for adulterers and fornicators, not a place for witches and wizards, not a place for Yahooyahoo boys, not a place for runz girls, not a place for ritualists.

If these people mentioned above, however come to accept Christ, they will be cleansed totally of their sins through the blood of the lamb then they can now become beneficiaries of the blessings, prosperities, favours, glories etc attached to the church.

Now kindly tell us why you are in this church?


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3 responses to “Questions Many Celestial Church Members May Not Be Able To Answer!”

  1. Olumide says:

    Jesus is the same every where. As for me am destine by God to be here, building the broken wall like Nehemiah, thou I have lost a lot of things in the past just because I am an adamant CCC, but I know the future is better than all I thought was a lost, Thanks.

  2. Mafe Olukunle Stephen says:

    Celestial Church of Christ is a divine order from GOD which is mysterious to human race. Starting from the hymns, order of services, rules or tenents of the church , church logo and altar logo are devine. It is unfortunate that most celestial members don’t actually understand all these. imagine most elders of the Church don’t actually know the meaning of the Altar logo (JSH). Some says Jehovah chikoriami while some says it is the name of an angel. But for the benefit of those that want to know. I was running myself through a very powerful spiritual book which I wouldn’t want to mention here and found this logo which was written ” secred heart of Jesus or the sacred heart of Jesus ” I then pulsed rethink which means the holy altar is where our Lord Jesus sitting no wonder one of our hymn says Baba joko sinu tempili oma nwo Ogun ti aye mami se…….hymn 468. I employ our elders to teach the younger one them what is needed to be known. May GOD help his church in Jesus Name. Amen

  3. Sunday OLUFEMI Sofowora says:

    Beautiful. U are right about d Celestial Church.
    As for me ,l am in d church because God destined me to be there for it was never my choice initially. I hate to dress like Celestial initially but I now discover that God designed my way into d church for some reasons.
    The purposes are … is d easiest way and d best way for me to make heaven for God knew that I did not have d power to get to His kingdom.
    2.I am called to open d eyes of d spiritual blind so that they can have eternal life. Jesus in John chapter 17 v 1 – 3..explained that eternal life is to make people know d true God and Jesus as d saviour. I am in Celestial to open d eyes of people to know d true God, Jesus d only saviour and also Celestial church of Jesus Christ which is church of Grace meant to carry those who believe and accept Jesus to His glorious kingdom.
    3.I am in d church to continue d work Jesus sent Papa Oshoffa to do on earth so that l can join d saints and occupy my seat in heaven at d end.
    4.I am in d church to build for Christ what d agents of d devil in d church might have broken no matter d discouragement. Therefore I am not discourage by happenings for l know that if it is not as it is then l won’t have any work to do and there won’t be any reward for me.
    l thank God for His love towards humanity,particularly Africans and me for establishing this great church during our lifetime. Let us therefore join hands to move d church forward as we celebrate d 70 years of d church on earth. We should understand that Celestial Church is a Devine precious gift from God tru Christ for us.
    We must not in anyway pull d church back or break d church thereby disturbing d church from achieving her mission on earth. May God empower all to know the reasons of their calling in this great church.

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