Quick Riches: Read This Shocking Story Of Graduate Turned Yahoo Boy First

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This is a dilemma of a graduate who turned to yahoo-yahoo boy. He has realized that everything that glitters is not gold. Here is his story, kindly comment and share after reading for others to learn.

“I graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ogun State in year 2003 with Bsc in Chemistry. After my graduation, I spent two year in Ijebu loitering around the streets seeking for job with series of applications but none yielded a good result. I left Ogun State for Lagos the first Sunday of September 2005 to make a better living as a man.

Arriving at the Ajah motor park, I picked up my belongings and proceeded to the next available ATM machine because I had no money left on me, while in the line at the ATM machine, I felt a touch behind me, to my total dismay, it was my classmate back then in my primary school days, I was so happy to meet him again because I had no ties in Lagos but left Ogun state with the hope of being a successful man.

He took me to a nearby restaurant in his Toyota corolla sport car and entertained me with delicious meal and chilled drinks. I quickly explained to him my condition and experience of unemployment, he took me to his apartment in one of the biggest estates in Ajah, gave me a room to stay till I Finally have a place of my own, he fed me and took charge of my responsibilities.

I spent weeks loitering the street of Lagos visiting different companies and offices for employment, finally my friend came up with an idea of introducing me to his business. I was so happy and agreed to join his business not knowing he is an internet fraudster. I had no choice than to join his business called yahoo.

I worked hard for months but got nothing out of it, I didn’t give up because my friend was my backbone financially.

One faithful night, I called upon my friend to show the way how he does his to earn so much money weekly, but he keeps telling “don’t give up, every hustler got a pay day” which is true.

I continued but all my efforts were fruitless, I begged him to show me the way and finally he told me I had to consult their Godfather for guidance, I had no choice than to agree to visit their Godfather the following weekend.

The following weekend we visited his place, he was an old man with bald head and a gray hair, he welcomed us and my friend introduced me to him, he asked me all I wanted, I explained and he answered “my son I already can see your struggles, you need not to worry anymore, all you need is a live snake and a nail and leave the rest to me”. To me it was all a joke because I was wondering if he was a Juju priest or pastor.

I told him I can’t touch a dead snake let alone of holding a living snake, so he charge me a N100,000 to get the materials including his workmanship then told me to come back for my charm in a week time. We went there the following week and he delivered to me a snake skin belt and a nail, explaining ” keep the nail on your bedroom wall and use this waist belt everyday, at night hang the belt using the nail I have on my wall, go to sleep and wake up by 2:30 am wait few min and put a plate of bean cake known as (ekuru in Yoruba) below the position of the nail before 3am and go back to sleep”. I did as he instructed for years and everything turned around for good. Started getting paid with huge foreign currencies weekly sometime 3 times a week.

Every night I hang my belt it turns to a snake and crawl to everywhere have been to during that day to gather their riches for me the second day. I acquired a lot of wealth luxuries and my story turned to glory.

I did this for over five years and it worked perfectly till one night in the sixth year of the active charm, I failed to get a bean cake because it rained heavily, I had no choice than to go to sleep because I was already drunk after arriving for a get together party.

I went to bed that unfortunate night without having the bean cake in its position, the belt transformed into a snake and left as usual.

I woke around 2:45 am and remembered I had no bean cake, few minutes later the snaked arrived and found no beans cake, the snake disappeared immediately. Since that night have not been myself again I do feel a snake living inside me and keeps biting me, I feel series of pain and all I had acquired fled away. Have been living this way for the past a year waiting for my death.

Please wait in the Lord and He will bless you abundantly at the appointed time because no deity gives without taking something more valuable in return.

Please share my story let people learn from my mistake.”


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One response to “Quick Riches: Read This Shocking Story Of Graduate Turned Yahoo Boy First”

  1. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    wow. very scary.

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