Rank Of Mother Celestial: The Big Issues Surrounding It

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, until we start to do things right, we may never get it right. I have watched a lot of scenarios that have been unveiling recently concerning the leadership of the church and what I can deduce from it all is that, when the foundation is cracked, you do not expect the pillars to still stand.

Why the rank of Mother Celestial has become so ‘an all-comers- honour thus rendering it “shallow” is simply because the authorities are more interested in what they get from those myopically bestowed with the title, the authorities concerned, look at the social status of the person within the church and not their spiritual growth within the body of Christ.

When the appointment, honour/ investiture started out, recipients were charged 100 USD in America and 100 GBP in the United Kingdom. People who are so materialistic in the church didn’t see the money as a big deal. Hence their quest and immoral race in droves to acquire the rank just as they try to outdo one another as would jostle for fashion items.

The original concept of the title of a Mother Celestial was borrowed/fashioned alongside what obtains in the C&S movement where women who are advanced in age, that is, those who have gone past the child-bearing age were given the title of Mother In Israel, the essence of which is to accommodate such women into the advisory /decision making level of the church, but, in CCC, it is disheartening that the love of money has robbed the elders of being strict and straight in such a spiritual obligation to the Church, a situation that has made them more concerned about the financial benefit from the excise rather than the spiritual capability and growth of the person to be installed as a Mother Celestial. Same goes to the many ranks of men but that’s a topic for another day.

The general requirement is that, to be anointed with the rank of Mother Celestial there are five criteria you must meet

1-Must be above 60 years of age

2-Must be a passionate Celestial Member who has spent more than 30 years in the church

3-Must be a good mother, wife or widow

4-Must be a role model to the emerging generation

5-Must be a good councillor to all.

Today, the reverse is the case. There are 40 years old ladies who have stupidly adorned themselves with that rank as if it were costume jewellery and are proud to flaunt a mismatch honour. Go to UK, America, Canada etc, even here in Nigeria, you see them displaying it as if they are worthy criteria wise to carry such spiritual weight. Most of them are empty spiritually. They are what this message in Ezekiel 16:43-45 is talking about.

43″Because you have not remembered the days of your youth but have enraged Me by all these things, behold, I in turn will bring your conduct down on your own head,” declares the Lord GOD, “so that you will not commit this lewdness on top of all your other abominations. 44″Behold, everyone who quotes proverbs will quote this proverb concerning you, saying, like mother, like daughter.’ 45″You are the daughter of your mother, who loathed her husband and children. You are also the sister of your sisters, who loathed their husbands and children….”

Our subsequent post will be on the title of Asst. Ven. Most that has just been initiated for the menfolk and the intrigues behind it. Keep a date please!

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3 responses to “Rank Of Mother Celestial: The Big Issues Surrounding It”

  1. Veralyn Omogiafo says:

    @ Vicky Jimoh- the women are not to be blamed. If you read the text of Alagba Famakinwa here you will understand that like with the UK scenario , from the start, the rules were bent to suit certain people by writing to Ketu bend the rules.

    In U.K. Some Shepherds brought forward their harem of under 40 years wives to be given the rank so what would have happened to some who where born into the Church not yet 60 but attained the 15 years cut of mark? They couldn’t have been left in the desert.

  2. Sup. Ev. (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa. says:

    I would like to add a few words to the matter of the rank of Mother Celestial. I was Secretary of the UK Diocese when the rank was created. In a letter from Ketu the requirements were:
    1.. The candidate must have received her
    anointment for the rank of Lace Superior Senior Elder Sister through the hands of the Pastor Founder SBJ Oschoffa
    2. The candidate must have held the rank of LSES for a minimum of 25 years. It was 20 years for Assistant Mother Celestial.

    At that time in the UK no woman qualified for the rank. I was then instructed to write to Ketu to plead for a concession. We requested that the minimum years of qualification be reduced to 15 years for MC and 10 years for AMC. It was on this basis that women were given this rank with a fee of £100.00 per head.
    It is assumed that any candidate under the rules at 1 and 2 above will be above 60 years of age, a role model among women in respect of her spiritual life and her domestic home life.
    However, the reverse was the case in the U.K. Some of the candidates presented from the Parishes were in their early 40’s, unmarried and of dubious characters. They paid their fees and collected the annointment. Since the fees for MC and AMC was the same, some candidates for AMC stubbornly put lace on their pink tunics as if they were Mother Celestial. This was an act of indiscipline and insurbordination of the first order.
    Members in the U.K. will remember an incident that happened in London. A woman in the course of her testimony in a case of lascivious conduct with her Shepherd and adultery mentioned that a few years earlier she had gone to Lagos for annointmet as MC. Superior Evangelist S.O. Banjo asked this woman how old she was to be a MC? He asked her 3 times and she refused to answer.
    This woman was bearly 40 years old, if at all. Baba Banjo shook his head in dismay. He knew the lady and her pedigree in CCC. I would stop here and let others read between the lines.
    The general feeling was that a proper and suitable candidate for MC will be of a very mature age, no longer menstruating, with a decent and remarkable unblemished marital and spiritual life in the Church. This was not too much to ask for a candidate to be MC. It is the norm now for shepherds to give MC to their wives automatically and their girl friends too. Also financial benefactors of the Shepherd were bestowed with MC irrespective of their moral and physical attributes. So fighters in the church, known husband snatchers, heavy skin bleachers were given the rank of MC. It was amusing because some of them refused to wear their pink tops to sit in front alongside women with grey hair, modestly dressed who were old enough to be their grandmothers.
    What happened to the old practice where men of 70 and above who dedicated themselves to serving God and helping in the church and its surroundings were annointed and allowed to wear the blue of Senior Evangelists?

  3. vicky jimoh says:

    I wish women in celestial church would listen and take heed,its quite unfortunate that most of them do not understand the meaning of this ranks,,,,I pray that your amure will not be used to drag u into hell fire on the last day…I know mother celestials that still take stout in d name of blood tonic,I know the ones that take red wine in the name of its good for the heart,its the type used for communion,, hmmmm,”oju oluwa mi nwo ise re”.,,some shepherd s also cajole members to take this rank because of financial gains and their ignorance, but u concerned, remember that “gbogbo wa ni yio duro ni waju oluwa”.your Shepherd will to be responsible for your action, be wise. Even if u have been misled,do not feel shy to drop this rank,ask yourself, have I worked enuf for the Lord, is my spiritual scale weighty enuf to carry this cross?,just imagine you in your forties having to sit with the likes of baba maforikans eldest wife,papa,s wife ,baba Bada wife,hmmmm,OK o,but remember,our song says,”lse ise lan nwo nibe”. God bless CNO team.

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