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May 12, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Code Of Conduct / Add Comment »

When I was young, I used to hear non-CCC members’ discussing that if you wanted to get rich, go to CCC. You would be richer and all your problems would be solved. Some would even argue that anyone attending CCC who is not wealthy will never be wealthy again in life or adventure.

Without a doubt, this assumption is correct. However, CCC is not a church where content for money rituals is given; the church is not an occultic gathering where money rituals are done for people. However, if you serve diligently with faith and hearken to instructions in CCC, God will take charge of your finances and no power of the enemy will be able to overcome you. But now, is such grace still available in CCC nowadays?

CCC members were very rich then, always on top, and because of the way people were raised from dungeon in CCC, made people who had faith to troop into the church for their salvation. I could remember how members used to tackle themselves with money in the church because mostly all members were blessed, but is such still happening now?

The parish never lacked finances for the harvest because many people were in a queue to buy cows and so many other things for the church to make the harvest glamorous, but not so again. Rather, the shepherd of a parish now sources for funds from outsiders just not to be put to shame. What happened to his members? Where is the glory of the old CCC?

To be candid, glory has been lost in CCC. CCC members are known for dominating wherever they work or find themselves, but not in the same way again. Not all worshippers still have glory.

We need to figure out how to bring back the lost glory to the church. And could it be the glory is still intact but we are the ones not serving God the way we ought to serve Him that is causing the delay in the delivery of our blessings?

Let us examine ourselves and take caution where necessary. May we not lose our glory in prime time. Amen!


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