Read This Piece From The Stable Of Prophet Gabriel Ben Omoge

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A couple of days ago, we posted a story concerning a prophet being robbed with number one rank in Celestial. The man, according to information was said to have been nominated through divine succession done by late Papa Maforikan.

So many mixed reactions trailed the post and one of them is this posted by one Prophet Sam. What do you think gabriel-beni-omogeof it?

“People’s comment here on pastor Rev Ben Omoge about his wearing pastoral garment needs to pray for forgiveness of sins. You cannot judge or having effrontery to judge to truncate the good works our late pastor Legend prophet Paul Maforikan done. Our late Baba had done a divine succession program before his last day. Rev Ben Omoge had been the acting Pastor when our baba was alive.

Where were you people when our great legend was alive to question him or truncate the good work of succession program done for the Nigeria diocese international. Look! Let us be reasonable to think on how to move the ministry forward rather than be on the drawback board of no development since 1985 -2016 which is 31 years after the glorious exit of the great legend pastor founder. We need to celebrate achievements, progress $ development in the ministry who can do it had been appointed on succession program of our legend Maforikan.

Celestial past pastors had no succession program to appoint acting Pastor. Now, please if anybody or groups have worries about Rev Pastor Ben Omoge you are free to contact him he is accessible, humble, a man of reasons, purposeful, sensible accommodating and very loyal to the late legend. These attributes he has enhanced him the acting Pastoral position to lead the ministry to greater heights above any pastors in the ministry.

The issue that celestial will have one pastor worldwide is a clarion divine assignment with awaiting divine interventions couple with each pastors visible handiwork that people will see, touch, $ proclaim not issues of selfishness and hereditary acclaims putting the 69th years old ministry to history of no good records. Let us accept the great legend succession program of good leadership given to us at celestial church of Christ Nigeria diocese international.

May the Lord grant our Baba Maforikan the great legend eternal rest at the bosom of Jesus Christ.”

3 responses to “Read This Piece From The Stable Of Prophet Gabriel Ben Omoge”

  1. elijah igbayi abayomi says:

    god have choose u, so carrying on sir god ll lead u 2ru sir.

  2. ANU says:

    No way, you people are liars. Baba Maforikn choose him to be his Representative not Acting Pastor. Haaa eniyan lee oo. He turned and changed himself to pastor after the late pastor Maforian died.

    • APOTI ERI says:

      May GOD 4gvs u Mercy. Who told u Pastor Omoge was chosen as a Pastor’s rep. He was publicly announced as Acting Pastor. He performed da right of a Pastor while Baba Maforikan was on seat.
      U beta keep mute on what u know notin about.
      HE was ordained by all elders W/W who r all in da same boat.

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