Read What Rev Godwin Shonekan Said About US Presidential Election

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This is what controversial clergyman, Reverend Godwin Shonekan, who is legally tussling with the leadership of Celestial Church of Christ over the stool of Papa Oshoffa, has said concerning the US presidential election result.

“The outcome of the US 2016 Presidential Election may be a surprise to many but if you are spiritually incline; you really can’t miss a thing. Though I am not presently at home, I thank my Supervisor of Election in St. Johns County, Florida, USA where the system permits casting of absentee ballot in total compliance with the rules and laws of the land.

I received my Absentee Ballot, castgodwin-shonekan my vote and return it in due time to be counted for the God’s chosen winner. I have no doubt the election will turnout the way it is. I can assure all people of this world who may be aggrieved by the election result to relax, rejoice and be hopeful. I see it that President Elect Donald Trump will make a good President to all Americans and a great Icon for the world to watch in this coming four years.

This election tells all about who we Americans truly are, we take caring for our people seriously as we see it to be a must and make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. So let’s all rejoice and make the WHOLE WORLD GREAT AGAIN. Congratulations America.”

One response to “Read What Rev Godwin Shonekan Said About US Presidential Election”

  1. Prophet Godwin Bolanle Shonekan says:

    What is it that I missed. It is my pleasure that you’re sharing this information on your site, I appreciate you more. Fact is fact and no other name to call it.

    Prophet Godwin Bolanle Shonekan,
    Bona fide Pastor and Worldwide head,
    Celestial Church of Christ

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