The Real Problems Of Our Church (A Must Read)

June 6, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 2 Comments »

Some members of our church are so displeased with the way things are with the church leading to them venting their angers on social media. According to them, the primary problem of the church is caused by some members of the church who brought about adulteration of the doctrine. They call themselves ‘Evolutional Evangelists’.

If these people who have thronged the church and complaining about this and that really want a change, they should change their church’s name to anyone that befits them and leave Celestial Church of Christ franchise alone for those who will worship and respect the tenets and order of the church.

They cannot leave because they are rogues; they are milking the church dry and claiming to be doing the will of God whereas they are doing nothing close to the will of God.

Sunday Okoosi said, “The real problem(s) we are facing right now is caused by the so called self-styled “Ministries” that have erupted in our noble church, all in the name of an evolutional “Evangelism”.

This group of persons was saved by this noble church, with the original instrument of our doctrine. They now go about preaching different doctrines and as well, indoctrinating lots of people, especially the Youths, who know nothing about the formation of the Church called Celestial Church of Christ.

For examples!

  1. Someone persons have been made to believe that, we must deviate from usage of candles in Celestial. It is been preached that by use of candles, we are belonging to another realm of worship
  2. Several spiritual works in the Celestial Church are from the source of idolatry worship. Such include stream bath, redemption works, molten pots (ikoko), wilderness works etc
  3. Check out the various styles of Sutana outfit we now have: lots of people have graduated from transparent to translucent and of very much recent now,’ trans-everfluscent’.
  4. Let’s just forget about the issue of Sermon/Preaching during service: many are completely off-track!

There are too numerous to mention!

They benefited and were products of d ‘yester-years’ of Celestial, with the blood of the original doctrines but Alas, they have derailed from the real original Doctrine and are now misleading lots of people with oblivious fallacies!

Blessed and lucky are those that really have and know the depth and original doctrines of Celestial and STILL remain, maintain and retain those doctrines!”

Well for us, we can change anything but the doctrine of the church remains unchanged because it’s a Divine Order.

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2 responses to “The Real Problems Of Our Church (A Must Read)”

  1. Olufunmi ibk says:

    Ife Oluwa Ni Ko se, Amin

  2. Ogungbuyi Oluyomi says:

    Celestial Church of Christ ia a spiritual Church whose Doctrines n Tenets were directly given by GOD.Why are we now believing our ‘foolish wisdow’ in d name of ‘New Age’ will transform d Church most especially on our KIDS.Is Juvenile Harvest a Ceremonial Service?Why put on Heavy loads on dis Kids?Eyin ‘Ologbon’yi,e mase pa kadara awon omo wa da si buburu.

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