Reason A Female Figure Can Not Head Celestial Church

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Many recent converts are unaware that the fact that men are typically assigned all tasks in the church does not mean that women are inherently wicked, accustomed to seeing their monthly cycles, or unable to respond to problems with the same patience as men. However, it is far from this presumption and has a mystery behind it.

The Lord of Host declares that the altar in CCC is holy. The Lord of Host declares that it is more revered than any altar on earth. Do you know that the Queen may only belong to the CCC if she leads a church in England and attends services at the Celestial Church? But she will never be able to lead CCC.

That is the agreement that God made with SBJ Oshoffa, the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. That implies that the pastor’s mother or wife cannot preside over CCC or even enter the altar. Talk more about the English monarch.

In the place of worship, particularly on the men’s side, the Kings among us, the Chiefs and Governors among us, and the dignitaries among us all have their places to sit. The female dignitaries must also follow this. They are not permitted to approach the Altar (the Throne of Jesus Christ).

In the CCC, Jesus is the sole monarch. He rules over all kings. King of kings. The universe’s creator. Though the case is being turned upside down now with all kinds of things allowed into the vineyard of God, the end of these anomalies will soon come. Trust me, it will happen soon.


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3 responses to “Reason A Female Figure Can Not Head Celestial Church”

  1. zoritoler imol says:

    I genuinely prize your piece of work, Great post.

  2. Concerned member says:

    The reason a woman cannot head the church over men is simply because eve was created through Adam. God had given everybody his position at the inception. No matter the elevation of a woman she can never be higher than man. It’s destiny

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yet Jesus Christ is raising…great female evangelist and revivalist in the fold…this view of men and discrimination of women was not Biblically based but by revelation of the founder…i wish the founder was alive..i am sure with the great anointing on female celestians of today..he would have received another revelation to counter the

    One of the g.o of a popular church said Jesus told him that his members shouldn’t watch television…years later after evolution..the same man came out and said the same Jesus told him to install a big screen in his church..

    Very soon, ccc will experience a revolutionary revival that will negate rules and doctrines that are against the mandate of God for his children…and celestial will be free from mental doctrinal slavery.

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

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