Reason There Are Hindrances For Our Blessings Not To Be Delivered After Harvest

June 22, 2022 / Oladunjoye Olakunle Olaiya / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

Giving spiritual messages is never a new or strange thing to so many people. Despite positive messages and obedience to the messages, seizures of blessing still happen.

Our adult harvest is fast-approaching now and despite the huge contribution by some people to make a harvest glamorous that is supposed to bring blessing afterwards, the expected blessing still hangs. It’s just weeks after we celebrated the juvenile harvest, but many people’s blessings are still hanging due to the problem they brought into their lives.

Many hindrances could be responsible for the seizure of blessings. After harvest, it is very common in today’s Celestial Church of Christ for members to be wonderful when it comes to castigation about all the scenes that occurred during the harvest.

They are the ones that know who did well and who didn’t, who dressed well and who didn’t, e.t.c. Let me burst your bubble. You have already gotten your reward with your character and attitude.

After harvest, testimony should come next in CCC, there are some things we should let go of. Many who are from other beliefs understand the reward attached when they participate in supporting the church harvest because they know what they stand to gain or expect from it. You will see people in competition to give their substances to support the harvest.

If they don’t get the blessings that follow the harvest, they won’t indulge in it. For those of us who are bonafide members, we are not getting the benefit of our membership because of our character, attitude, and ability to control our mouth. The sooner we realise we needed to stop resisting, the sooner we receive all of our pending blessings.


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