Reasons Imeko Cathedral Has Been Stagnant For 33 Years Unveiled…The Secret You Need To Know

December 9, 2016 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 5 Comments »

imeko-cityI was concerned about the extremely lethargic state of  Imeko project sometime back and I inquired from one of the authorities at ketu and I was made to realize that our people are not doing enough regarding their obligations towards the Imeko Cathedral project. Though, some of the money realized, according to the elder, has been used on some new expansions since the old structure could no longer serve the initial purpose. And also that, there are people who are capable and wealthy enough in each parish of the church who should have built Imeko under a year but they all want to take the glory and have their names on a crested stone. But the elder who anonymously to us didn’t know that we already heard in the city about the battle of elders (Ija Agba Meji) over some millions of naira given to a certain rich man to build the Cathedral only for ‘Oga at the top’ to have channeled or do we say diverted the money for personal use. This story is coming to your hearing next week. Keep a date.

Meanwhile, people are no longer finding it funny anymore. With the way it’s, members of the church are groaning why the well-hyped CCC Cathedral, Imeko has remained stagnant for these past years.

One of the concerned members of the church penned down this piece and it’s nothing but the truth that I think our leaders should cull a point or two from to deliberate on the way forward concerning the building.

“I want to say some few words about this city of Imeko, if anyone is really in spirit and in tuned with God then we have to wonder WHAT IS WRONG WITH IMEKO CITY, this is the billion naira question? I was 28 years of age when plans were underway for Imeko city project now I’m 51 years old. I wonder Ketu has collected millions in Pounds, euros, nairas, dollars all kinds of currencies for over thirty years where is the money?

Is this place truly the city of Celestian Jerusalem? I read psalm 127 and I always wonder about Imeko city. When we were going to Seme Beach before 1976, CCC was called the Miracle Center you would witness miracles everyday, since CCC started going to Imeko I noticed a change spiritually with the church.

I remember when I spoke to papa Oschoffa he said that our savior Jesus Christ gave him the order that CCC members should meet with Him, Jesus Christ at Seme Beach in Rep of Benin every Christmas that He, Jesus Christ would partake in it. Did we disobey our saviour Jesus Christ I wonder, because if God truly favours Imeko as His Holy place why is it not built? Why is it not even roofed? The last time I went there I had to ease myself in the bush, I was so disappointed at the lack of progress there.

Since I have been going there I have never seen the progress of Jehovah God in this place, Imeko cannot even be roofed and I hear people talk of Imeko with excitement. What is funny is that our elders in CCC are not concerned about it, something is really wrong somewhere really and something needs to be done.

Millions in different currencies were contributed for Imeko Cathedral yet what happens to all the funds, does it take 33 years plus to build a Cathedral when the funds are available. CCC in Nigeria alone has millions of members not to talk of all over the globe, please if you are going to Imeko for Christmas you need to meditate and examine what’s happening in CCC, we are not going in the right direction.

Other churches do not take them three years to build a big stadium of 30 thousand people yet it’s taking 33 years to build a 15 thousand seat Cathedral! Hmmm. If you can’t see the problem then you are all blind, if you have no problem with it then something is wrong with you. We have a serious problem in CCC this is not the CCC I know. We don’t have problem building in CCC before, the spiritual power was like magic, people feared CCC, things were happening but now we are a laughing stock .People sit and talk about Imeko likes it’s a wonderful achievement, ‘ka lo si imeko’ the normal CCC Nigerian phrase what a big joke.

Where is Imeko fund please ask Ketu and the board of trustees to produce the billions of naira CCC members have contributed to Imeko for over 33 years. It’s time to question your elders; CCC youth stand up and reason otherwise we will keep going in circles. Where is Imeko funds billions of Naira we contributed for Imeko cathedral since 1982? Please ask the elders and trustees at Ketu!

5 responses to “Reasons Imeko Cathedral Has Been Stagnant For 33 Years Unveiled…The Secret You Need To Know”

  1. temidire says:

    I’m l highly disappointed in you celestial members with your stupid story of wonni and wonpe stuf, please tell me how much you have contributed as a member and your parish as a whole instead you are busy criticizing people doing and exposing your secrets to the outside so its better you assist them in prayers rather than saying jarjons.

  2. Omo Ijo Mimo says:

    I want you to quantify what has been built and spend on the project so far & compared dwith auditoriums of other churches, also look beyòund money diverted as claimed by you with (ijaagbameji) let us all bury our pride & ego & bring Celestial Church back to Glory. May God help us all

  3. Wale says:

    I think that what we need is still nothing but TRUE REVIVAL. Then the green snakes under green grass will be PROPERLY exposed by nobody but most high God ,the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient HIMSELF. Followed by true REVELATION of TRUE vision. Let us pray more for true revival. The cancer worm has eaten deep into the Church big time. There are many WOLVES in sheep’s clothing in the fold please.

  4. Atinuke says:

    Its a shame to us but God is in control

  5. hadus hilerie stickz says:

    I wonder all these as well
    But I know jesus

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