Reasons Some Shepherds Marry More Than One Wife In CCC

May 21, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

Nowadays Celestial Church of Christ, Shepherds marry more than one wife out of 100%. This analogy can not exonerate, at least 65% of them who are serial polygamists.

This has led to many Celestians Shepherds to have been “nailed on the cross” that they’re not a good example to them as members and that they’re not worthy to preach about marriage to them in the church.

Many Shepherds who married more than one wife never planned to marry it but due to one reason or the other, they met themselves deeply into doing it. Though there are many reasons shepherds in Celestial Church of Christ can claim to have caused them to marry more than one wife, Papa’s life is one major reason, but little do they know that even before God called Papa, he was a husband of two women.

This has made some shepherds to be challenged if they were called like Papa? Do they have anointing as Papa did?

Here are a few reasons out of many why shepherds marry more than one wife in CCC

1. Some Shepherds Marry another wife when their wives have issues with childbearing.

2. Some Shepherds Marry another wife because Papa Oshoffa married more than one wife.

3. Some Shepherds marry another wife because they needed a Prophetess as a wife when they became s full-time Clergy ( they have a name for it in Yoruba, Iyawo Ipe)

4. Some Shepherds marry another wife when they notice their ministry is not been supported by their wife.

5. Some Shepherd ls marry another wife because they want to fulfill their lustful desires.


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