Redeemed Pastor Beaten To Coma By Soldiers In Abuja

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Pastor E. A AdeboyeThis is not the best time for one of the pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God based in Abuja, Alex Ochienu, though, he is glad to be alive to reveal how he was mercilessly flogged by two soldiers on January 17 2017, the experience, of course, will forever remain memorable in his entire life. He was alleged to have fallen into a coma before he was rushed to the hospital for refusing to take orders from them to frog jump. An online portal has revealed!

He gave the name of one of his assailants as Cpl. M. Dankwa and his colleague whose name he did not know, until he collapsed and was rushed to the Gwarimpa General Hospital.

Alex Ochienu, who doubles as a civil engineer said he was  at Paradise Estate ,Life Camp Abuja supervising construction works when the soldiers invaded the site with officials of the Development Control Department and assaulted him and other workers.

He said, “The soldiers rushed into the site and ordered everyone to frog-jump; they flogged the workers and threatened to shoot us. I tried to explain to them that I was weak because I was fasting, but Dankwa was infuriated by my explanation.

“He kicked me in the stomach; another soldier also joined in beating me till I collapsed. When they saw that I was almost lifeless, they left and I was rushed to the hospital by the workers.”

The Pastor who lost his phone in the process said he learnt the soldiers apologised to the owners of the estate “for their mistake.”

The Project Manager, Tobias Tokbe, said he was not at the scene, but added that  Ochienu, was not the only who experienced the brutality of the soldiers,  another worker, Bem Ali, was also brutalised by the soldiers for no known reason.

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