Registered And Unregistered BoT: The Motion And The Statue

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As they say, pictures don’t lie. The image in this article was one of the meetings of the Technical/Elders Advisory Committee taken before the Basilica was put into the sprawling state it is today. The team at work then obviously gathered to brainstorm on the best way to go about the herculean task before them.

At least, it is recorded that they were meeting and sharing ideas, so not that one man was the one doing it all. It is on record that so many decisions were taken collectively, perhaps, that brought about the success of the eye-popping building the present leadership points at as the only thing under 20 years he has achieved.

But for the forward-thinking think-tank team whose formidable spirit brought about the success, Rev EMF Oshoffa’s regime would have recorded zero achievements.

As you can see in this picture, the event was chaired by Baba Banjo, their teamwork and intelligence did the magic. Is there anything of such now? Do they even have a record of what they want to do? No, it is a Padi Padi regime now, garbage in, garbage out. No vision, no clue of how to move the church forward. They are moving at a snail’s speed in a 21st-century church. What a shame!

I have waited for months now to see the most intelligent, well-educated and knowledgeable people they gathered in their Kangaroo team to have built a castle in the sky since they are the best hands in the church to perform wonders! Analogue legislators in a digital century.

Can a blind lead a blind. Spiritually they are zero, structurally they are not fit. Morally they are corrupt. Can a gathering of people with questionable characters advance a spiritual church? Ndao!  How can that be positive? When it is stated in the Holy Book, the Bible that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and these are people who do not have wisdom because none of them has the fear of God in them. Even those who claim to be Bible professors, teachers and prophets, they all sleep in one direction- failure.

Little did they know that if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself, but because they lack vision, those who are ready to move the church forward are tagged enemies of the church. Can you imagine that! The generation of Barnabas calling out for Jesus to be crucified!

It’s no doubt the truth that teamwork has the incredible power to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and even each person’s individual performance. Since these ‘brilliant leaders in power’ have taken over the affair of our church, no single record of achievement has been credited to them. An additional portion of land? What a calculated way of syphoning Church’s money. Who are in charge of the purchase? Receipt of purchase and other stuff?
I remember during the time of Baba Jorothom, (say a word of prayer for the healing hands of God to fall on him. It is not a story I want to share for now) he was always recording all meetings proceedings. Even Alagba Pius too, I know he would always ask Alagba Deji Shonekan to do live streaming and take pictures of events to keep the record clean and transparent.
For these new arrangee government, everything is done in a low tone so as not to be exposed, feigning status Quo order as an excuse not to give accurate financial records, the same court order they violate with impunity. Do they have any sense at all or devil has built a palace inside of them all!
We know the truth, we shall pursue it to a logical conclusion by the Grace of God. The light of this church will shine again! To Be Continued!


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4 responses to “Registered And Unregistered BoT: The Motion And The Statue”

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    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

  2. Abiodun Mathew Opaleye says:

    Keep on keeping us informed about way forward in the fold more grece to your elbow keep the word of God going may God bless you in Jesus name Amen

  3. Fatusin Zachariah omotayo says:

    God’s immediate intervention.

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