Rejection Of A Pastor Not Peculiar To CCC…Watch What Is Happening To A Church Here

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Since 1985 after the death of the pastor founder of Celestial Church of Christ, the church has been swimming in troubled waters, especially the area concerning the seat of the Pastor. The church was and still going to court over the same issue. Even at the local parish level, there are reported cases of a parish rejecting the clergy transferred to lead them.

Many of our members, often frown at all kinds of leadership imbroglio rocking the peace and harmony of the church and we sometimes task our leaders to look at other denominations and embrace their style of leadership,  But, it will shock you that not all denominations are free of chaos, some are not to be trusted at all.

One of them is a certain Anglican Church in Hampton, a borough in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, United States.

As the story was told to #cno, an Igbo Anglican Church in New Jersey fought and Rejected the white Priest sent from the Headquarters to lead the parish.

Watch the video below and you will cry for what has become of the church.


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6 responses to “Rejection Of A Pastor Not Peculiar To CCC…Watch What Is Happening To A Church Here”

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