The Return Of Adigun To Clapham Parish

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David Adigun, younger Brother to the Shepherd

One Samuel Ojo has informed through #CNO’s comment channel  about how the Shepherd, Adigun was faced with a lot of criticism from all corners due to the fact that he did not allow some powers that be in the church to have control on the church’s finance.

Hear him, “Many of the elders in Clapham parish are simply envious of Adigun, I also attended the service on Sunday and we thank God that everything is settled! Many accusations were made against Adigun that were no true and was created to tarnish the image of Adigun and the church, the men behind this are the real evil ones who have been eating the church money, if you dig deep you will come to find that Adigun does not have any control of the church finances but Odumosu and his gang does…they have been secretly controlling Adigun and have been blackmailing him all these years because they are eating the church money, it was not until Adigun decided to stand up and dissolve the committee that they now started spreading false rumours about Adigun.

I am not saying Adigun does not have his faults, we all do, to be Frank, even all the Babas of Ketu have their faults. But that is no reason to victimise someone. When this story first surfaced I believed Odumosu and his cunning gang then went to the meeting on Wednesday and I also did my own research and it came to light that all their allegations were false. Odumosu and his gang made a BIG FOOL of themselves on Wednesday presenting old allegations from over 20 years ago.

To be honest even if they were true the way Odumosu and his gang behaved throughout the whole thing was shameful and does not reflect  Godliness that we’re trying to save the church. If you ask me, I think they were trying to cover up their own dirty secrets (stealing church money) when Adigun wanted to dissolve the committee that has been existing for over 7 years

How can Odumosu be chairman for 7 years! Clearly this was a plot for them not to be exposed once there was a new committee. From what I deduce, the problems began in that church when Odumosu became chairman…he should just leave the church in peace and stop claiming he is doing God’s work when he is really doing the devil’s work. I will also not be coming back to that church because of Odumosu and his barbaric dictatorship ways!

Many people I know have left because of him but he likes to blame the Shepherd. I don’t believe these people are true Celestial members anyways because if they were, they would never behave the way they did, not just to Adigun but to the elders of Ketu.

And if you ask me, many of the negative comments here about shepherd Adigun are probably from Odumosu and his Gang also believes they are the ones who post the story to the site in the first place. Some people are created to cause disorder and tarnish the image of Celestial church.

They have a track record of writing false and negative stories about people, giving false pretenses that it is an outsider. May God forgive them for calling his name in vain. I will be leaving Clapham and I pray that the church I go to does not have people like Odumosu, Eretusi and Rotimi otherwise it will fall apart.”

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2 responses to “The Return Of Adigun To Clapham Parish”

  1. Favour Ileri says:

    This is a response to this report by Samuel Ojo who wrote the aricle. In as much as I have promised not to talk about this issue again, I can’t stand people coming up with fabricated lies to cover the truth about CCC CLAPHAM which was obvious to the blind.

    First you said elders of the church are envious about Sup Adigun. ENVIOUS OF WHAT? Of him being a shepherd or what ? Are the Patron and matron of the church also envious of the shepherd? Are the two old women who are the choir matron, one of which is the wife of the church founder also envious of Sup Adigun. Is the deputy Shepherd who happens to be the adopted spiritual son of the church founder and also made it clear he is not interested in taking the full time work when Sup Adigun was suspended, aldo envious of Adigun ? Is the Church Woleader also envious? is it Sup Odumosu and his committee ? What is there to envy about Sup Adigun apart from trying to correct him and bring back sanity to the church. All these elders holding key and vital positions in the church can not all be stupid or envious of Sup Adigun as you claimed Samuel Ojo.

    You went further by saying all the accusations are not true. At this junction I wonder if truly you a member of CCC CLAPHAM. And if you are a member, then probably you just joined about few months ago. And if you have joined long time ago you can’t see as well as hear, because if you can, then you will not say these accusations that are obvious to the blind and audible to deaf are not true.
    Do you want to talk about the fornication side of Sup Adigun which a 10year old child knows about in the whole UK and vritually all shepherds can testify to. Can you swear with your life that you don’t know Sup Adigun sleeps with more than 6 female members presently in the church or the ones he has sampled and left alone. Those are the number that I know, but people say the number is more than that. Why did Sup Pius Olanrewaju from Ketu stopped the committee from mentioning the names of Sup Adigun ‘s girlfriends in the last week Wednesday meeting. I sat at the back I shook my head when he refused the committee the permission to mention names. I quote Sup Pius Olanrewaju statement on that day by saying ” these are adults that concented to do whatever they do and as such am not interested “. What a shame on him as a BOT member to make that statement. So celestial supports shepherds to sleep with members, as long as they concent to it?. I am just getting to know that now.What about the moral and spiritual consequences of this immoral act on the church and the members ? God will judge all of them.

    Still on your report about the accusations not true. The church embezzlement was before 2011, and that was before Sup Odumosu took over and the investigation were ongoing and many facts unfolding . What about the already signed down blank Cheque books collected from Sup Adigun in 2011 and was showed to the elders of the Diocese? Is this not a proof? What about the church statement of account and auditors report Sup Odumosu produced? Are these not fact? I think you are biased.

    You also said if we dig deep it will be confirmed that Adigun is innocent. You are wrong my brother. I was an accountant for 10years in Nigeria before I relocated to UK and i know what am talking about. If further investigation are made,digging deep is carried out and the facts presented before the government of this country, Sup Adigun will be in jail as we speak. It won’t affect Sup Adigun alone ,but also other previous committee signatories who innocently trusted him and allowed him to run the show without checking on him to see his level of corruption .

    I think Sup Odumosu realised this and that was why he did not present the case to the government of this country. But in my opinion that was wrong because over £40,000 is a huge amount. I think he made a wrong decision not to report to the authority ofor the land. Anyways, if Sup Odumosu had reported the case to the authority, people like you will come up and crucify him of not being a good Christian .

    You also claim that Sup Odumosu and his group were in power for 7 years. Samuel Ojo you were wrong but before correcting you, let me enlighten you. I was able to read the constitution of CCC CLAPHAM that was submitted to the charity commission , which I collected from a friend to the diocese and the parish. It was made clear that the committee is allowed a two term tenure of 3 years each, on total of six years. So Sup Odumosu and his committee assumed office sometime June/ august 2011, so by my calculations, they are just about to be 6 years before the corrupt diocese came around and dissolve them to favour Sup Adigun. It might interest you to know, as I was told that the parochial committee that served before Sup Odumosu took over spent over 7 years without anyone checking them as Sup Adigun kept enjoying the church money, until Kasala boasted and some unimaginable things which I don’t want to mention on this podium erupted and Odumosu committee impromptu was elected. Don’t forget we were all there when the election was done and they were only called temporary committee to fix the mess on ground. And it was after the excellent work that the council of elders voted for thier extention. The rest you and I know if truly you are a member served a long time in CCC CLAPHAM as you claimed.

    You made mention of people leaving the church. Ask for forgiveness from God almighty. At least 50% of the people that left the church left because thier prayers were not been answered and because of spiritual attacks here and there. Now tell me, who is the spiritual head of the church? The answer you obviously know ( The shepherd ). The 40% that left was because of the immoral act of the Shepherd with female members. Have you asked yourselves the reason why it is only two or three men come with thier wives to church. Have you asked yourself why we there are large number of young females in the church , must of who are divorced without husband in the church. Maybe 5% would leave because they can’t stand the system that Sup Odumosu and his committee are trying to use in bringing sanity to the church. The remaining 5% don’t just want to be involved in what is happening at all and they left.

    Regarding false story you claimed were circulated around. The story might not be 100% true but the ones I have read about Sup Adigun atrocities are 80% -90% true, if we are to call a spade a spade.

    I was at a crusade sometime last year and Sup Soile, a one time Chairman of CCC CLAPHAM parochial committee said to members that Sup Odumosu was a blessing to CCC CLAPHAM because the tasks hmself and those before and after him were unable to achieve for so many years as chairmen of the church, Sup Odumosu accomplished those tasks in Sup Odumosu few years in office as the Chairman, part of which was the final settlement of church mortgage and all others. Sup Soile is a Shepherd in his own church at the moment , he can be reached to testify.

    I know a lot about CCC CLAPHAM, Sup Adigun and Sup Odumosu leaderships. I still mentain that Sup Adigun does assist people in the church to get work and also do reference for them. It does not take away the fact that these are the things he does to gain their support, make then silent in the face of all the atrocities he has been committing.

    Still I salute the courage and the wisdom of Sup Odumosu and his committee for not allowing the case to go to court as earlier speculated. For given Sup Adigun a chance to change and for peace to return back to CCC CLAPHAM. There is a big lesson to learn from the shepherd in particular.

    Like I said earlier in my past contributions, the church should be allowed to settle down and move on. I shall not make any further comments or contribution until I see any untrue publications regarding the Church and the then parochial committee and it’s leadership.

    God bless you all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello stop feeding us with all this story that adds no value to lives.
    Your stories and news depicts your class.

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