Rev EMF Appoints US Govening Board Members…Baba Olorunnisola To Work ‘Hand-In-Hand’ With Balogun

November 24, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Saints & Sinners / 4 Comments »

News emanating from the Ketu media section this evening has it that Rev E.M.F. has appointed a 12-man member headed by Baba Olorunnisola on the governing board for the US Diocese. The 12 members selected from different regions of the US Diocese will work hand-in-hand with the HoD.

What #cno can deduce from the very funny letter is that no particular title was assigned to VSE Joseph Olorunnisola except ‘member’ even though others are not carrying that. You see, the kind of funny politics being played by Rev EMF and his team is made in France.

Read the letter first as reproduced here before we form our opinion;

The Pastor and Supreme Head of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide, His Eminence, Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa, has appointed a 12-member Governing Board for the Celestial Church of Christ, United States of America Diocese.

Recall that His Eminence recently returned to the country after a successful pastoral working tour of the USA, where he made it clear that the USA Diocese of the C.C.C. W/w remains one united Diocese under the leadership of Venerable Superior Evangelist Olaitan Balogun.

The newly appointed 12-member Governing Board is therefore expected to work hand in hand with the Head of the USA Diocese and the Diocesan Executive Council to add value to the decision-making process for the peace, progress, unity, and smooth running of the affairs of the USA Diocese of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

While recommending that regular meetings (Monthly or bi-monthly/ emergency meetings) and quality interactions be utilized to ensure the achievement of the set objective, the pastoral memo with reference number CCC/WHQ/EMF/PO/PM-EGB001/09-22, made it clear that:

The Governing Board MUST be consulted and carried along in all decisions concerning and affecting the Diocese. The FINAL APPROVAL for all decisions taken by the Governing Board of the USA Diocese resides with the Pastor and Spiritual Head of the Celestial Church of Christ, His Eminence, Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa.

The Governing Council would serve for a term of 3 years and this is subject to review by the Pastor and Supreme Head of C.C.C. W/w.

The under-listed would serve as members of the Governing Board of the USA Diocese:

Reverend E.M.F. Oshoffa Chairman
VSE J.O. Olorunnisola Member
VSE Samuel Oluwakiitoge Adeniran
VSE Jacob Webb
Sup Evang Samson Amosu
Sup Evang A.O. Salako
Sup Evang Jacob Popoola
Sup Evang Tokunbo Shomide
Sup Evang John Omachonu
Sup Evang Peter Onwodi
MC Ebun Enahoro
Sup Evang (Dr) Osuntokun We congratulate the appointees and wish them a successful tenure. The appointments take immediate effect.

The letter signed by Evang Kayode Ajala, from our point of view, has no substance, it is one of the calculated attempts often used by Rev EMF and his kangaroo team to deceive the church that there is peace and harmony in the Diocese using some pictures of ‘unpeaceful settlement’ to paint their lies.

In fact, the court has ruled that no appointment of any kind should be made until after the court case is determined but many times EMF and his team have violated the order of the court with impunity.

These are people who want people to respect their order, they are only exercising the power they don’t have.

Well, we are waiting for the response of Baba Olorunnisola. We are confident of one fact, ‘kaka ki kiniun satokun ekun, kaluku a se ode e lo’tooto (for a tiger to become an aide of a lion, the both will go on their separate hunting mission)


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4 responses to “Rev EMF Appoints US Govening Board Members…Baba Olorunnisola To Work ‘Hand-In-Hand’ With Balogun”

  1. Oba says:

    The letter is dated 24th September, 2022 and released last night. Pure nasty politics in the church of God.

  2. Member says:

    This letter is confusing. What is Balogun’s role now? Based on this, it appears Balogun no longer has a role in the Diocese. You’d think Balogun would also be a member of the governing board. But his name is no where to be found.

  3. Most Superior Evang Akindude says:

    I laugh in Spanish. When Governing Board in 2000 was put in the central registration and ratified by the conference of all parishes, it was meant to be elected by broad sections of the Diocese. Women council, Shepherd’s council, prophet’s council and honorary evangelists. The Pastor appoints 2 members and he is the chairman of the board. That’s the composition

  4. Cele for life says:

    Can you believe this people. Most of the so-called members did not even know anything about the appointment. They all found out on Social media. Shomide, Omachonu and Amusa are not even under Oshoffa. As you said CNO, this is another laughable letter that has no teeth. I am sure Olorunnisola’s side will speak soon.

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