Rev EMF Has Announced That Ministries Can Now Hold Harvest In CCC

September 1, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 4 Comments »

The MPIC under Rev Rev Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa has approved and announced through Evangelist Kayode Ajala, the spokesman for the MPIC that Ministries that are not yet parishes can now hold Adult harvest.

Approval has been given to Prophet Kunle Hamilton’s ministry, Shaddaville, a place that has no altar and that women, even while observing their menstrual circle, have access to worship while blacks, red, colours forbidden by the church members not to wear, is now allowed to host its adult harvest as a parish in CCC…I think with this circular, all other ministries too are free to fix dates for their harvest celebrations. Nothing will happen. The Ketu authority has laid the precedence.

The Spokesman, Ajala also confirmed to the world that Kunle Hamilton is an MPIC member in his memo after they told the court that he’s not a member by their Lawyer during the last court sitting. This is what Rev EMF jas turned the church to. This is what has become of the glorious Celestial Church of Christ under a confused leadership.

The same Kunle Hamilton has been appointed to run the affairs of the Seminary of the church, now you can see the error in a man handpicked by Baba Banjo to rule a highly Spiritual church like CCC. They are messing up with the church ordinances and of course, they have messed up with the wrong people, the new media pundits in CCC.


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4 responses to “Rev EMF Has Announced That Ministries Can Now Hold Harvest In CCC”

  1. SP. VEN MSE K.C OMOLA says:

    If it is TRUE THAT the pastor has given approval to ministry inside a CCC church to hold harvest WITHING the premises of a CCC, parish, then I Make bold to say that decision is bad one that will create a big danger for CCC harvest in the VERY VERY nearest future.and to be HONEST,this decision will kill CCC harvest totally and hence give birth to ministry harvest over CCC harvest.
    Do PEOPLE know what MINISTRY is? Do people know the implications of allowing MINISTRY harvest to hold WITHING the premises of CCC?
    The consequences of this approval is seriously fraught with unpalatable financial implications that can totally kill CCC harvest.
    MINISTRY is like a sole proprietorship BUSSINESS.
    WHAT ever the financial proceeds generated from MINISTRY operation is solely owned by the founder of that ministry. The implication is THAT, when a MINISTRY holds harvest WITHING a CCC premises and MAKING use of CCC members.ketu authority will HAVE no Right to send representative to witness the harvest, they have no authority to send State or anybody from Lagos to Carry out any function in ministry harvest.
    To crown it all. The founder of the MINISTRY is equally not bound by any force to remit any financial proceeds of the harvest to ketu or anywhere.
    With the ABOVE scenarios, shepherds and other ministry Holders in PARISHES will jubilate AND HENCE prefer. MINISTRY harvest. And thereafter Pocket the ministry harvest proceeds.
    If this situation occurs, VARIOUS MINISTRY will NOW spring up in CCC parishes and CCC PARISHES harvest will die naturally.
    LET me also add that WHY are VARIOUS landlord PARISHES spring up in every knooks and corners of the world TODAY, you KNOW BETTER…and THIS is also as a result of some not too Good decisions THAT were taken yester years. Are good CHURCHES OPERATING that way.? The answer is no.
    If a Good decision is a bad decision in a situation where the Best option ought to HAVE been taken FROM the arrays of options available and select the Best option , I wish to say the current option of the pastor to give approval to ministry in CCC to hold harvest is not ONLY bad.but is condemnable.
    An urgent steps should be urgently taken to reverse the decision.
    IT is annoyingly and vexatious.

  2. Celestial Ombudsman says:

    I totally don’t buy the fact that shadavile or whatever the ministry is called was approved by Pastor EMF to do harvest. I feel Ajala was trying to help his friend advertise his annual anniversary and decided to add it to authentic parishes who have been marking Harvest Thanksgiving Services for years. It’s a blunder that has a greater effect on the church as a body that just pointing fingers at Pastor or Ajala. I expect an immediate correction written to that effect so as not to open doors to even worse issues in the near future.
    Lastly on Kunle Hamilton….. I’ve been disappointed for some time now in his inclusions in matters concerning Ketu/Imeko Faction of CCC. He has never been loyal to that seat since the demise of AA Bada. All his Anointments since then to date have been self declared up to his current status of MOST SUP EVANG. I was flabbergasted when he was chosen as part of the team dealing with the Seminary matter and being addressed as “Baba Hamilton” & “Dr Hamilton” just to cover-up the matter. I knew it was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.
    Make una de look from a safe distance ooo, it has yet to be disarmed!!!

  3. Alagba Femi says:

    Baba Banjo already declared in open court that he made a terrible mistake about EMF, but he is now ready to correct that error. God also regretted picking Saul as king but he corrected the error by choosing King David. CHRIST also appointed Judas Iscariot as Apostle only to be betrayed by him. Judas eventually committed suicide but Christ prevailed despite the blunders of Judas. If king Saul and Judas can disappoint our Father God and our Savior Jesus Christ, EMF can also do the same to Baba Banjo.

  4. chris ogbaisi says:

    This church is exposed to big risk in the area of poor information management and allowing mediocre to take charge of sensitive positions in the church . Posterity will judge whoever did this to God’s kingdom .
    Firstly Alagba Kayode Ajala belong to the 20th century journalism , Kayode Ajala is not a well breed and articulate journalist who has regard for professionalism . Though ,he must has practised it before but reviewing his profile it saddens my heart that he has been operating in isolation and adopting conventional style to operate , thereby taking advantage of the poor adminstrative structure in the church .
    Also, I wish to state this clearly that he is a member of Pastor In Council in charge of media and publicity . That arm is an advisory arm to the pastor and his office . Information management should be directed to the Pastor’s office . How come PIC treasury and Finance are not the one handling the finance of the church rather BOT treasury ? After the death of Late Akeju , Alagba Kayode Ajala borne out of over ambition and the lacuna took over that role of media to the Pastor and committing somuch blunders to further denting the already dented image of the church . There is a proverb in Yoruba that says ” gbogbo Aso ko la sa so run” there should be decorum and finesse when handling sensitive positions .
    Any information for public consumption should emanate from Pastors media Head not PIC media head .I expected Pastor admin to have engaged services of another strong media personality with the task of building a team of seasoned and contemporary media team with defined Job Descriptions. This team should work directly in the Pastor’s office . Alagba Ajala can operate as an adviser and also be given a bigger task in managing image of the church globally if he is capable though .

    For the recent development in the church , obviously Rev. EMF does not mean well for the growth of this church . Why allowing ministry to exist within ministry? Why allowing a ministry who does not uphold the tenents and doctrine of this church to foster within your ministry ? Who is deceiving who between Kunle Hamilton and Rev EMF ? Years back same Hamilton that never wished to fraternize with this present pastor is now hobnobbing with him for what mission ?. A ministry that does not have altar , a ministry who does not operate same service days and time with us is now having recognition for her harvest than those who have been in existence .
    I thought by now miracle would have occured with introduction of DKH in the PIC , I thought we would have experienced total overhaul of the church administration and evangelism system would have foster better with DKH in the system . No wonder they say spectators are the best players in a football match .
    Regarding contempt of court , let us put that aside , if not for his (Daddy Hamilton) over ambition , why taking up position or keep carrying on tittle that was openly denied in court ? Common!
    With his pedigree and public acceptability of his act and finesee , why on earth would you allow your person to easily compromise sake of earthly recognition ? So unfortunate . What are your guiding principles that really distinct you ?
    For me , am done seeing the other side of the pastor because he is not being guided spiritually rather physically by greed and personal ambition.

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