Rev EMF Oshoffa Asks Members To Go On ‘Bro, Sis’ Garment’….Humility Without Restitution!

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Rev. EMF Oshoffa leader of the Ketu faction has sent out a memo instructing all members of the church to be humble by setting aside their big rank and putting on a lowly garment, Brother-Sister and be humble before God for a spiritual assignment.

According to the brief;


The last Sunday of the month of July (31″ July 2022) should be set aside, that, every member, should be on a lowly act of garment (Brother for male member, and Sister for female Member, no lain), with no one being allowed entry into the altar, while the Shepherd, to be the Service Conductor for that Sunday, shall stand before, and not in the altar.

Prayer for the Church: To plead, for Forgiveness and the Spirit of true repentance in total submission to our Lord, Jesus Christ, (i) Seek for God’s mercy, (iii) Total Deliverance for the Church, C.C.C. worldwide. Prayer for the Nation, (Nigeria): That God should put an end to tribalism fight, War, and bloodshed. We request for Divine Protection, and total Peace in the nation.

Spiritual material needed for the day would be a candle stick for every member, after which, it will be lit in the mercy land I decree: God of my father, Prophet, Pastor and Founder S.B.J. Oshoffa to grant our request speedily, in Jesus mighty name.”

this idea of removing their big rank garment is like creating unnecessary drama. They want to humble themselves for one day, just one day out of the 365 days, and continue being proud shortly after, does that make any sense?

Repentance without sobriety or restitution is zero. Which angel gave such a message? These people are just dramatic in all they do. Can anyone mock God? Ndao!

But our findings for CNO Nation from one of the members of The CNO Nation state thus;

We like to behave like Yoruba film actors in this church. So if you pull the garment off that means God will know we are humble.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.”

Wetin concern clothes, this our people like Yoruba film too much. They want to pray for Nigeria they didn’t pray for the Celestial Church! They have court cases, they can’t settle. They should go and settle with Baba Banjo and Baba Nunayon first. You settle your house before you settle your street. You settle your house before you settle your nation.

If they want to pull clothes to pray and show humility. They should cancel Ami Ororo for 7 years.

We don’t know who is fooling whom!”


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7 responses to “Rev EMF Oshoffa Asks Members To Go On ‘Bro, Sis’ Garment’….Humility Without Restitution!”

  1. Yomi Dodo-Williams says:

    Hallelluyah to all Celestians, this spiritual message is about humility & returning back to God. God wants us to RENDER OUR HEARTS NOT OUR GARMENTS (Joel 2:13) It has nothing to with our Sutana. God wants everyone to repent Starting with the Pastor to the least person in Church. The Pastor himself have to demonstrate this love to his flocks with all Humility doing whatever it takes to bring the Church together. The Pope traveled to Canada recently to apologize to the Natives(Indians) for the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church. We Celestians need an unreserved apology from the Pastor due his nonchalant attitude towards all members of Celestial Church Of Christ Not wearing SUTANA for ONE SUNDAY DOES MEAN ANYTHING EXCEPT WE RENDER OUR HEARTS TO GOD
    A/V/S/E Yomi Dodo-Williams

  2. Mr. Sola says:

    I’m highly disappointed at CNO for this misleading and inciting article. It was clearly stated in the pastor’s letter that churches whose harvest fall on that day are exempted. Why did CNO cut that off their report if not for sinister reasons. I was one of your fans but with this your misrepresentation of facts that is widening the disaffection in the church, I can never belief whatever you post here, because this has shown that you are biased mr. Alonge.

  3. TEMIDAYO says:

    Do we have to criticise everything ?
    Why Is EMF your Center of Attack ?
    Omoge is also a pastor
    Shonekan, oroboni also claims to be a pastor

  4. Ccc member says:

    Sometimes I feel like you guys in Cno and your cohorts are the enemy of this church, you have never seen anything good to talk about this church and the Pastor EMF…it was stated in the letter that there is a special grace to the parishes having their harvest on that same day….so why are you guys being sentimental about every issues…why can’t you tell baba banjo and baba nunayon to settle out with the pastor atleast there was a reunion that was held and the pastor was there himself and he hugged baba banjo, a week later or so the pastor was still summoned to court by the same person, who is deceiving who? The church is of the Lord and who exactly are you guys fighting for ? If you feel like you don’t like Cele or you don’t like the administration of the pastor you can go to another church or another faction…so why is cno always misleading his followers…simple spiritual message conveyed to us you already saying different things..I pray God have mercy on us all,I understand as a blog you want traffic but atleast you be unbiased…do it professionally or get another job if you can’t just write without causing lot of havoc.

  5. Ven Sup Evg Oluwakiitogbe -Garden of Comfort Parish, Philadelphia says:

    It came to my attention today July 27 about the spiritual instructions giving that we should not wear amure /regalia on Sunday the 31st of July, that I, Oluwakiitogbe is protesting on-behalf of baba Olorunnisola’s harvest. For God’s sake, why would baba Olorunnisola’s harvest be my business?
    And for your information, my own annual harvest is on the same day, July 31st.
    Why would I be protesting against the instructions of the HOLY SPIRIT AND ALSO THE INSTRUCTIONS OF OUR SUPREME HEAD AND PASTOR (EMF Oshoffa) ?
    You must all wake up from your slumbering and lack of understanding, that no one came to Celestial Church with a girdle, we all joined the church as brothers and sisters, it is just the grace of God that the LORD extend to us through our Pastor-Founder when it comes to anointments.
    This particular spiritual instruction is a wonderful thing. Whosoever obeys these instructions would be blessed abundantly and whosoever disobeys it, is disobeying the LORD.
    We are ALL completely nobody before the LORD; the LORD is HOLY, we are NOT. He created us, we did not create ourselves.
    I wish we would no longer have to wear the regalia/girdles any longer, maybe that would make us humble ourselves before the LORD. Many have lost their joy because of hierarchy pride. Whosoever used my name to respond to this posting should ask for forgiveness from the LORD.

  6. Alagba Ijo says:


  7. Evangelist Oluwakintogbe says:

    Why is this during Baba Olorunnisola’s harvest? Why not during the first week in August? Let us fear God. Is this a church sha? When was the message given and why the execution now?

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