Rev EMF Oshoffa Got To The Throne Through Lies And Deceits- Prophet Olumide Ojo

November 16, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / On The Spot / 6 Comments »

Here is a revelation of a member who claimed to have been spoken to about the Celestial City Imeko.

The Holy Spirit personally instructed me not to bow down during the Xmas Eve service jiggling of the bell.  Does it mean all these people are wrong? No. Here is the whole story and what the Lord told me at Imeko.

I have always wanted to be at Imeko since when I was a child, when my friends in the church would be relating what happened there with gladness on their faces, no child would want to miss Imeko.

I got back to Nigeria in 2013 after my two masters in the UK and I was opportune in 2015 to be in the church when they were talking about going to Imeko, I was so excited that, at last, I would be visiting this holy land. I couldn’t sleep a night prior to the day to visit Imeko for you to know how happy I was.

While everyone was busy checking everywhere I went straight to the mercyland to pray, after praying then it is time for the Eve Service, I was enjoying everything until it was 12-noon jingling of the bell, I was too happy to bow down until the Holy Spirit told me “STOP DO NOT BOW DOWN FOR THAT BELL”.

I was afraid that what have I done wrong for the rebellious spirit to be speaking to me, why would it be me alone not to bow down among these thousands of people, I shouted thou rebellious spirit leave my life alone in Jesus’ mighty name.

The Lord has told me many things about the church and how Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa was not His choice for the position of pastor. I was like maybe that is why the rebellious spirit was looking for me to use me. So it remained the last jiggling as I wanted to force myself to bow down, I heard it very sound and clear That..…”THE HIGHER ANOINT THE LOWER AND THE HIGHEST JINGLE BELL FOR THE LOWER TO BOW TO THE LORD SO YOU CAN DECIDE TO BE LESSER (THAT WAS THE REASON I DON’T GET ANY ANOINTMENT TILL TODAY BECAUSE ONCE THE RIGHT PASTOR GETS THERE HE AUTOMATICALLY GETS HIGHER AUTHORITY FROM GOD AND BECOME THE HIGHEST POSITION IN CHRIST, THE ONE THERE GOT THE POSITION FROM LIES AND DECEIT WHICH IS FROM SATANIC THRONE RIGHT NOW”.

He said He ( Rev EMF Oshoffa) is the least of the true Christians in CCC. I have to leave the basilica and go straight to mercy land to do my own independent service and prayer.

What baffles me is when I saw those I respected that the Holy Spirit is in them bowing and singing “Jesu Ti Joba” for Emmanuel Mobiyina OSHOFFA, Sometimes it makes me doubt and hope I’m not on the rebellion part but God always gives me signs and He tells me you are very right.

I just pray to God to help the church and give the elders thinking brain and truthful mind to give us the real pastor after God’s heart.”

By Olumide Ojo CCC, Mafoluku Parish 2 Nigeria, & CCC Revelation Parish London.


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6 responses to “Rev EMF Oshoffa Got To The Throne Through Lies And Deceits- Prophet Olumide Ojo”

  1. Joshua olaleye says:

    JOHN BADA you should hide your face or shut up or rather stop saying rubbish because your father A.A. Bada put celestial church into this mess, and you have the gut to come out here and pull out those nonsense out,did God called your father as pastor before he appointed himself as pastor,please just keep quiet because your father put us into this mess ,like father like son

  2. JOHN BADA. says:

    What will he be telling Baba Banjo and those other people you mentioned there that they don’t know, that he is not pastor, that they only put him there, for the best reason known to them. The man himself, told me that he knows is not God, that appointed him as Pastor but the trustees and I said okay if that is so why did he accept, he just laughed and I understand what he meant who will they put honey in his mouth and will spit it out,, but candidly this church is more than all this because is about God and his mission on earth and not about making money for the pocket of anyone but about redemption of mankind. The truth is that, the church is spoilt now, because eternal and heavenly givenly things, are been tampered with and even ridiculed, the church is very lawless now, because very abnormal things are now becoming normal, a person who is not a prophet is being accepted and addressed a prophet, a person who is not a member is now accepted as member, a person who is not a shepherd is now a shepherd and those ones are many, a man who is not a pastor is being addressed pastors and they are already used to the title and anioting members even when it lacks the consent and approval of God, and all this have turned the church upside down, there was a time no one will ever imagine a shepherd of this church being a member of a secret cult the question will be what is he doing there because is not possible but it is today, because many are there members and the number is increasing and so this are the issues, when one derail a great important mission of God like this our church, there will be great consequences and many will be greatly and seriously punished. Is just a matter of time.

  3. Yani says:

    You all should rest abeg! He’s not authentic yet God has not removed him. It’s best not to say anything than to say things that will land your generation in trouble.

  4. Chris A. Ogbaisi says:

    Without saying it to anybody ,it’s obvious now that what we have on that throne is not authentic rather Pastor by falsehood . God will not annoint you and also place confusion between you and your followers , God will not annoint you and still not reveal his mightiness in bringing peace to your entire household .
    Baba Banjo openly revealed the truth that while some elders were still praying to God seeking his face for intervention, Late Mama Shodeinde went straight to mention his name Mobiyina to the BOT . There is an adage in Yoruba that says , ” biro ba pe fun Ogun odun, otito a fara yo”
    God love the church somuch that it allowed all.these happenings in the face of our Baba Banjo.
    We just need to intensify more prayer by begging God to fully wash his church and purge us from any form of iniquities.

  5. Adeniyi says:

    This is deep

  6. Alagba Raphael says:

    This is very heavy. May be this should be directed to the kingmakers of CCC in the person’s of Sup Evangelist Banjo,Most Sup Evang Nunanyan,Most Sup Evang Ajose and their cohorts. The Church needs answers. Many innocent souls are in spiritual bondage because of this singular act. Leviticus 21 says it all. Alleluia

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