Rev EMF Oshoffa: Weak And Powerless Authority

July 30, 2022 / Alonge Michael / CNOTV / 2 Comments »

When it comes to the ownership of Celestial Church of Christ, let no one ever intimidate you, you are standing on no one’s ground but our ground. Though, some children of Papa SBJ Oshoffa have claimed the Church, CCC as their own and usurped power from the rest of us. But they are usurpers; power belongs to every one of us. And it doesn’t rest on any man, pastor, shepherd or prophet alone but all of us.

So, if anyone is trying to claim autonomy to power in Celestial Church, the person has no sense because the Driver of this church is the Holy Spirit and He gives it to everyone, individually to use for His glory but once you are in power, never forget those who put you there.

For Rev EMF Oshoffa, the present occupant of the seat of power in Ketu, only those who are blind to the truth can say he is the best thing to have ever happened to this church. He remains in the history of the church as the man who has the most clueless team around him.

Watch the video below:

And I wonder how we got to this point.  A good authority should be able to apply wisdom in making some decisions but not with this Ketu authority, he doesn’t deal with those who can do better than him and as partakers of God’s glory to push the church forward except his analogue-thinking loyalists. He only wants those who see him as a Holy-spirit filled or representative of God in the church, as people to move the church to the next level. These are just sycophants who are only working for a pay cheque.

But is he a true leader? No!!! From inception, his emergence as ‘pastor’ has violated the standing divine order as stated by His father in the Blue Book, Section 111 of 1980 CCC Constitution.

This is why I put this part 1 of this video out for people to see that Rev EMF is a powerless and weak authority.

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2 responses to “Rev EMF Oshoffa: Weak And Powerless Authority”

  1. Abbey says:

    Just like the present day Nigeria, Celestial Church has lost her spiritual status under this administration. Arrogation of undue authorities has opened the door for confusion, chaos and distabilization of the laid down structure with which the Pastor founder led the church. May his soul rest in peace and may God safe His church.

  2. Pro Gabriel Folorunsho says:

    Cno tv, I really commend you for a job wel done .l implore you to continue hitting them hard may be they will listen to the voice of reason and wisdom. You had rightly said everything they needed to hear but will they listen? I am afraid they wont until they are all caught in the web of their criminality and dealt with by God of Celestial Church and the Holy Spirit. Anyway, I am not surprised by their enstrangements because of what the Bible said about them: ” for as they have failed to come to the knowledge of the true God, God gave them unto reprobate minds”..Celestial Church belongs to God and is never a private property of any family and Papa Oshoffa even said so on many ocassions. The Church is the Heritage of God. So, let’s wait and see how far these Absaloms will go. There is no way of escape for the wicked.
    Psalms 37:10 says, “for yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shall dilligently consider his place, and it shall not be”
    Therefore, let all the Tobias,Sanballaths and Absaloms of Celestial Church prepare themselves very ready for the battle of the vengeance of the Lord which cometh soon.
    The forces of evil can never prevail over the forces of light. Amen. Halleluia

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