Rev. EMF Visit To Abuja: Propaganda And The Drumbeat Of Seven Big Lies

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There have been a series of circulars flying from the media arm of Rev EMF Oshoffa ever since he arrived in Abuja for the N10m-budgeted visitation.

Some of these memos do not represent the true position of what is happening. Since it is tagged Pastoral Visitation, #cno is yet to see any revival or healing take place anywhere.

Anyways, below are highlighted seven big lies from all #cno has gathered so far!

1. VSE Abraham Aladeseye introduced EMF as an Engineer, Dr., and Pastor of CCC worldwide.

Fact Check
EMF is not the Pastor of CCC Worldwide. There are so many factions, and he is presently the illegitimate leader of the Ketu faction. He was dethroned by the llaro Court in 2015 and currently has a court case challenging the Pastoral powers he is arrogating to himself under section 108. Little did he know that anyone who has not fulfiled section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution cannot arrogate section 108 to himself. He is not an engineer and has no doctoral degree. (If there is any kindly present it for us to see)

2. The Shepherd of CCC Central Parish introduced EMF as Mobiyina.

Fact Check
The name Papa SBJ Oshoffa gave to him was Emmanuel. Mobiyina is the name of his late elder brother called, Michael. He adopted that name to mislead CCC members worldwide, just as Baba Aladeseye dramatised during his introduction. It was after he was made Pastor illegally that he added Oshoffa to his last name. When Papa SBJ was alive, he answered Bilehou because he did not believe in the commission or vision of the Pastor Founder, his late dad.

3. Obafemi Adewale was introduced as the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and Prophet Soyemi and others as BOT members.

Fact Check
That is an open violation of the court order since these appointments are still contested in court. Mr. Adewale told the court that he would never encourage his client to disobey the court, but he was introduced as the secretary of the Board of Trustees. He is also the coordinator of the peace talk and the lead SAN in this case. We see an apparent, serious conflict of interest. No respectable court will take him seriously.

4. Comparing EMF to Papa SBJ Oshoffa is erroneous and misleading.

Fact Check
For Baba Abraham Aladeseye to compare EMF and Papa SBJ Oshoffa is like comparing lemons and oranges. This is like comparing Prophet Samuel and his two corrupt children in the Bible. A biological relationship does not guarantee the same character or spiritual power. In this instance, Father and son had very different spirits and personalities. Papa SBJ was a miracle worker. Baba EMF is not a miracle worker. Papa SBJ united the worldwide church during his lifetime, but Baba EMF has a chaotic administration. The Holy Spirit anointed Papa SBJ Oshoffa. Baba EMF was handpicked by an electoral college and was not anointed or chosen by any Holy Spirit.

5. Baba Abraham Aladeseye addressed Evang. Tosho as General PA

Fact Check
To address Evang Tosho as General PA is highly misleading, because of his history. He was the one that spearheaded a failed coup in 2015. His overwhelming ambition is to be a Pastor because he sees the position as a family inheritance. Such an ambition is detestable and spooky. This type of favouritism and nepotism in the face of open rebellion will set a bad precedent for CCC Worldwide. The truth is that any appointment by Rev EMF is unconstitutional, null, and void because of the judgment of the court and the fact that his appointment has no lawful constitutional support.

6. The event was presented to the public as an evangelistic and spiritual trip. Rev. EMF was expected to perform signs, wonders, and miracles.

Fact Check
The meeting turned out to be political propaganda. It was designed to portray Rev EMF and the illegal BOT as legitimate in violation of the court order to maintain the status quo. The goal is to reposition the Northern region to be loyal to Rev. EMF and the fake BOT. The bottom line is monetary gain for the current administration. We are yet to see the manifestation of any deliverance or healing. Unfortunately, the whole setup looks like a slap on the intelligence of right-thinking members of this great church, CCC.

7. Alagba Ajala was introduced as the Public Relations personnel for the Pastor in Council, and he said the setup was like none other, and the Pastor’s office needed to catch up with what was done at Central Parish.

Fact Check
That does not sound like maintaining the status quo. It was the first time in 20 years that Rev. EMF visited Central Parish. This visit was done in the middle of a court case that warned both parties not to rock the boat. For Evangelist Ajala to describe such an event as highly successful calls into question the sense of judgment of the Pastor’s team. How can an event that borders on contempt of court be described as highly successful and worthy of media attention? Something is seriously wrong with this picture. The rule of law matters. You cannot trumpet success when protocols are been violated. What are we teaching the younger generations?

In fact, it looks to me now that Rev EMF and his team are only interested in what benefits them and not the church. They do not care about the consequences of their actions, they just want to make money, no matter how, for themselves and that is all.

#cno is already digging into some open secret concerning N22m or thereabout kept in a secret account by the sacked CCC Seminary players. A certain letter is said to be flying here and there to get at least N10m from that money to start renovating the Seminary. Baba Segun is alleged to be the one in charge of the request. #cno will furnish you with full details shortly.


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5 responses to “Rev. EMF Visit To Abuja: Propaganda And The Drumbeat Of Seven Big Lies”

  1. Akintade bosede says:

    Please for heaven sake let us stop all this publishing our self on social media
    Let us pray for God mercy over celestial and our leader’s and how all this problem can be solve

  2. Evang. Mordecai Adekanmbi says:

    This article contains facts that do not necessarily translate to the truth.
    Yes, he wAs not what he or what we claimed he is, but the law abhors vacuum if the time for the emergence and revelation of the Chosen pastor appears, we will all see it, God is not slack concerning his promise, Mobiyina is God chosen Celestial regent that we must rally around to reach the promised land.
    Or must we be left as sheep without a Shepherd?
    Don’t forget there were the judges before God gave the jews a king.
    Likewise, God gave the Jews Saul, as theirbking when they never waited for God’s plan to be fulfilled.
    Outer churches have had their shares of succession problems and it was not hyped like this.
    Let’s be in spirit and pray for God’s intervention.

  3. Baba Alao says:

    Alongeeeee, you are a true prophet of God. Only a man full of the spirit of God like Elijah will make all these revelations you have been reeling out. God bless you son. Any power fashioned against you shall not prosper. Anyone who wishes you death will die with his generation. You will not be put to shame. Anyone who fights against you will lick the dust in Jesus name!

  4. Evangelist Ajanaku says:

    Excellent job cno. Thanks for this powerful article.

  5. Feranmie joshua says:

    Was thinking afteer this very atticle the name of the writter would be there for a better confirmation so how do we verify your fact ghost writer

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