Rev. EMF’s Security Committee Gives Security Tips To CCC Worldwide

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The security wing of Rev EMF Oshoffa’s P.I.C has highlighted 13 security meansures and sent out to all CCC parishes, worldwide.

“The increasing wave of insecurity in the country is a major source of concern to all and sundry. The church, its leaders and members appear to be the targets in recent times. Let’s remember the recent kidnapping of some church leaders. The Prelate of the Methodist Church was kidnapped in Abia State, the Bishop of Church of Nigeria (Anglican) of Jebba and his wife, were kidnapped in Oyo State, last Sunday. Also, the attack on St Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State, is still very fresh in our memories. Not to talk of the burning of the Celestial Church of Christ, Sokoto Parish 3. There is therefore a need for us to be vigilant and to be prepared for any eventuality. The following security tips would help:

1) All Parishes are expected to be friendly and to participate in their area development and must also contribute meaningfully to the security of their neighborhood,

2) Parishes should ensure practical surveillance, both physical and electronic (For those who can afford Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera, especially when they are having devotional and other important services. For those with CCTV, the control room must be manned by trained and vigilant officers. The CCTV should cover at least 100 metres square round the Church premises with good Illumination put in place in the dark period,

3) There should be Perimeter Fencing with good Illumination round the Church premises. Good access control manned by strict personnel who must be vigilant, always at alert and must know what to do during emergency. This will enable them to easily identify members and non members at the point of entry. Parishes should register members of their Church, household by household and record their home addresses and occupations for ease of reference,

4) All Parishioners should be wary of strange faces in the church: their dressing, outlook, luggage they are carrying and should report any unusual behaviour to the security department.

Strangers should not be allowed to bring any luggage, bags, etc into the Church premises,

5) Parishes should minimize people living within the church premises. Those who have genuine reasons to live within the church premises should be given rules and regulations to be strictly followed and which must include time to enter the premises, limitations to number of visitors to receive and when to receive such visitors,

6) Services should be within reasonable time so that parishioners can return to their various homes in good time..

7) Preachers should avoid political messages and avoid the condemnation of other religions and denominations in their preaching, instead they should preach salvation, 8) Spraying money, undue publicity and praise singing of individuals that can attract miscreants should be avoided especially during Harvest and other important Services,

9) All Parishes should establish a security committee with a well informed individual (Security wise)as the Chairman to work hand in hand with the sides men/sides women,

10) Parishes that can afford portable walkie talkies should provide this equipment for their security personnel for easy communication,

11) Parishioners should desist from posting offensive and inflammable messages about politics, religion, etc, that can attract the attention of terrorists, on social media,

12) All Parishes should have proper liaison, good relationship and working arrangements with the security agencies in their areas. This will enable the church to have prompt attention from the security agencies whenever the need arises,

13). Every church management committee should ban beggars, cart pushers, especially those of Northern extraction from coming to their premises to beg or dispose wastes.”


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