Rev. Godwin Shonekan Nails Ketu Authority With Their Statement (A Must-Read)

April 30, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 20 Comments »

The truth is, every right thinking Celestial member is tired of the way our leaders are running this church. Those people who are of the opinion that we should not wash our dirty linen outside really don’t know that it will take days for it to get dried watching it inside. How long are we continue to be deceived and lied to? We at #CNO is for nobody but for everybody, if you think our conscience has been bought, you are deceiving yourself because we are not hungry though we might not be full but we are not fools.

In another chart-buster, Rev Godwin Bolanle Shonekan has reacted to one of the articles on #CNO where Ketu authority released an unsigned statement in a reaction to the ongoing imbroglio between them and Sup, Evang, Jorotom.

Prophet Shonekan analysed Ketu’s reaction and faulted them with their own statement posted on their website. It’s so juicy to read.


Who is it really that called himself the Ketu Authority?

Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa isn’t that authority, as this article in this instance makes all believe. Then, who is in charge?

I have called the attention of many in this Church to the fact that some people in his, Alagba Emmanuel’s quarters are taking advantage of his handicap and leading him wrongly.

If anyone really cares for this man, Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa, they should tell him the true picture of the matter and the cases in courts. The statement made here in regard to the case of 26th day of April, 2017 – Emmanuel Oshoffa vs John Rotimi Omotosho at Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria is a clear ongoing deceits and misleading information being fed to the public and unsuspecting members of this great Church, Celestial Church of Christ.

What your read about the stand of the Ketu Authority is exactly what they wanted Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa to believe and since he will never go to Court to hear and see what really happened in court, that’s all he’ll get folks.

As the fact was laid out by those that were in court, this so called Ketu Authority had volunteered the true picture of the matter without solicitation in the process of trying to cover the truth.

For those that can’t read between the lines. Let me quote them word-for-word with my words of enlightenment in bracket:

……”We wish to state categorically that the injunction was withdrawn (meaning their case was not withdrawn) by the church and wasn’t struck out (please note – wasn’t stuck out) as reported by misguided elements. The church sort an injunction to protect the Pastor, Rev. EMF Oshoffa (how do you sought injunction to protect?) from harassment from law enforcement agencies, who had been directed to arrest the Pastor and the BoTs (the court hasn’t heard the case nor ordered an arrest) by Sup. Evang. Jorotom.

However, when the Pastor and the BoTs were absolved of all allegations by the invited law enforcement agencies after diligent investigations, and the church was assured there wasn’t any reason for the Pastor to be arrested (do they need to be assured of not being arrested if they had not done anything wrong?), the injunction was withdrawn (what injunction? Did Sup. Omotosho file the injunction or what are this people saying for crying out loud, who is fooling who?).

Please note, the case against the church now was initiated by Sup. Evang. Jorotom (…Naaah! You initiated a case against Sup. Omotosho who then filed a Counter Affidavit. This is the way you guys made the entire church believed that I took you to court and it was that you took me and I filed Counterclaim and you lost). This is the true position of things and we wish to state clearly, the media attack initiated by Sup. Ev. Jorotom and his cohorts would not stand the test of time on one simple fact; The truth would prevail when it is time.”

Let me make it clear that I did request that Alagba Michael Alonge share this posting with me, he refused to share it. I shared it from CNO website myself to avoid the stupidity that Sup. Omotosho has any cohorts that declared media war against the church.

You know what…, you ain’t seeing nothing yet…!


Prophet G. B. SHONEKAN”

Bona fide Pastor CCC Worldwide

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20 responses to “Rev. Godwin Shonekan Nails Ketu Authority With Their Statement (A Must-Read)”

  1. Adenopo says:

    Who is fooling who shonekan first attrocity was first unleashed on the youth of the church under the pretense of taking them abroad .now pastor Emmanuel and his cohorts in money scandal. Hmm

  2. prince adeleye says:

    I believe there is always a solution to.a problem. Celestial has a way of finding the solution but who is ready to volunteer himself or herself. Nobody is ready because many don’t care while few cares. In my own little sense of it . If we can get just three celestial prophet who can say the truth and sure of them self . They should meet at imeko and fast for just seven days. Let see if we wount get a solution. I pray the lord help us

  3. Sp.Mst.Evg (Dr) Lawal S. Olatnji. says:

    Can some one who is very close to Pastor Mobiyina, in fairness to God Almighty, advice this man to step down and take his rest. People are just troubling this man for their own selfish interest and NOT in the interest of the the Church. Well I think it is time for all Parishes to use the Church money to developed their Church and take good care of their faithful and Spiritual hard working Shepherd. Simplicity should not be turn to Stupidity. Celestial Church Of Christ belongs to God Almighty.

  4. The SON OF JEHOVAH says:

    Hmmmmm….my Brethren , if we should say it is greed of the highest decree,I have a solution to this their greed oooo…let all CCC parishes STOP paying 2/3 to all of them that called themselves PASTOR..if they don’t get money to spend again they will get it straight i can tell you that…

  5. Tegha Portharcourt says:

    Pius stocking and piling up all Omo Alade Alafia parishes money into fixed deposit At his insurance company to yield divident and huge interest before taking out little from it to remit to Ketu, same of his trained boys confided in us revealing this fact which is undeniable, so it’s not New if he builds at kilometre 60, that is story. Monkey carry monkey for back, same species. He has been fighting to become treasurer in CCC simply because of his interest in contracts and insurance. CCC should study Pius project and ambition very well from when he was sent out of Parish 1 in Portharcourt by Victor led gang on same imposture and monetarily.

  6. Ademola says:

    Celestial Church of Christ the Lord is our strength.32 yrs Of Papa,s departure yet this same story.i wish the evildoers free from God,s wrath cos it is coming.

  7. CPA eld E A Olakanmi says:

    i wonder why people are giving right attitude to the post of a so call pastor Shonekan or what ever u address urself,calling urself a pastor for this fold,am sure u have nothing good to offer the church,even let assume u are the one their since,am sure and belive in myself this same beat is what will would be dance too,cus u are not choose by God,but by the love of money……..And rag that many of u people calling urself Pastor of this great call rank or post of Pastor,But let me tell u its rag,So just go and silence urself as u are for so year before and thought use Jorothom as away of deceiving member again………let E M F and the B O T do it the way they cant……….and let peace reign…..Am Bonifide member of C C C

  8. Alao M. says:

    Before papa s b j Oshoffa died, he said the leadership of the church after him will be disclosed by the spirit, which made pastor Bada to emerged as the leader then, but now things are not done through prayer again, we are all after money & post, may God help us and safe C. C .C from this mess

  9. Observer says:

    It’s high sense of greed that has led all of them to this point. Greed from the pastor and his folowers. I was shocked when I got to Kilometer 35 and they say Pius is the one using his money to build it. Don’t be deceived, it’s nothing but blatant lie. He has nothing to offer the church. Pius who promised to pay N2m towards Imeko development that he only coughed out less than N500k. He doesn’t have the spirit of giving to have warranted him to want to build kilometer 35 for the church. It’s still the money he is stealing from the church that he’s using to build and claiming to be philanthropist. Tell me how he has managed to do it, let him swear with all the curses in the Bible if it’s his money or Church money he’s using for it. Owo abu, a fi n se abu lalejo. Ayo Shonekan who he have a 3rd used car for can rant and claim to be his Messiah. All those who he gives stipends to are the real people who are sabotaging the peace of this church. The music has changed, no celestial will continue to be deceived by you guys anymore.

  10. Vmse oluwagbemiga says:

    Those who want to make things happen must first change their ways first. You all know that the head of this church must sit on the stool at Ketu and Imeko or Makoko, anyone who is in charge of these three should be honoured but when the people are saying no to you, the best thing to do is to call for unity conference and make that change we all clamored for. The interest of the people is paramount, not the interest of a certain set of people. It’s a pity Pastor Mobiyina is not seeing all this and nobody will read it to him because they no if they did, as a man of principle whom I know him to be, he would have since returned to his base in France just as he did during the time his son, Tosho wanted to take over power from him.

  11. Aborishade says:

    The best thing for Mobiyina to do now is to step down and get an actibe, able and energetic person to take over. They can not escape this tsunami. It’s my word of advice o.

  12. prophet. dare busuyi. says:

    Gbogbo wa la lowo nbe, bi IJO mimo se was loni,gbogbo wa la lowo nbe…..
    Gbogbo wa ni yoo duro niwaju OLUWA…
    Toju ise re IJO mimo….
    God is watching every body o, Papa Oshoffa is also watching, let d spirit of God take absolute control…either we like it or not d will of God shall prevail.

  13. Johnson Oluwagbemiga says:

    My question to Ketu is, who absolved them from any wrong doing and found them non guilty or guilty. Is it Court of Law or Police Authority whom they also sued along side Jorotom as Defendant? We need further clarification on this statement. Why did it take Ketu weeks to respond or denounce Jorotom Video Speech openly? We need detail explanation.

  14. Toyin O says:

    Ketu leadership is ITT, Fela said it all!

  15. Addo Oregon says:

    For mr. Shonekan, stop deceiving yourself, the throne of pastorship in this church is not for you, just go and rest somewhere. No youth will accept you until you address the issue of visa that you drained the people of years ago. Don’t even claim to want to occupy the position because it’s not meant for you. Stop parading yourself as authentic pastor even fake is not for you

  16. Prophetess SB says:

    The people at Ketu are liars. They say a and you will see b. The division in the church is caused by them. They started by imposing a pastor by themselves. One Yeye person said he has spent over 25 years, 15 years of emptiness. What is there to be proud of as achievement. All they know is to go abroad and sell Amin ororo, and start counting the heads when it’s obvious they have sight but they can not see.

    • Barrister Olaiya says:

      Wolima, don’t let us blame pastor Emmanuel on this issue. The man trusted some people to teleguide him well but their selfish interest is what they are after. We all know rev Mobiyina can not see, what then is he doing on that throne? If you ask me, it’s Pius and Co that are backing him and telling him to stay so they can continue to siphon the church money. That’s how bad the situation is now in our church.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I can’t stop laughing, I don’t believe this is happening in my church! So, they wrote a statement that the case was not struck out but withdrawn, but you initiated it first! Gbogbo yin sun sI ibikan naa, e o tori rara, eyin agba siosio yi. I hope you can leave that post for able hands to take over. What you are really fighting for, I don’t know it. Lowo yin loku si o

  18. Alagba Femi says:

    Why are things turning upside down for the leadership of this church? Don’t you people have brains or something? You are not wanted by the majority of the church yet you are managing yourself to rule them, what for?

  19. Bishop says:

    It’s a pity this man is not seeing all these things the people around him has caused him, if he could see they would have known that they are nothing before the people. If it were to be abroad, such a pastor would have honorably stepped down but the greed instinct of people around him would not make him to step down because once he did that, chop chop has ended for them. What a disgrace of a pastor

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