Is Rev. Godwin Shonekan Right About This?

January 9, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 4 Comments »

shonekanShortly after our post regarding the recent the effectiveness of government corporate code about leaders of religious and civil organisations  registered as NGO under Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria enforcing the vacation of office of leadership after 20 years or when they attain age 70. Reverend Godwin Bolanle Shonekan who is one of the contenders of the pastoral seat in Celestial Church of Christ has reacted to the said story. Could he be right about his submission?

Hear him, “With all said and done. If the intelligent among us can go back and read my write-ups on my timeline, you will see that I have said it before the Government does. One more thing you need to know is that the Nation’s Judiciary had nullified the appointment of Emmanuel Oshoffa and his 2011 Board of Trustees. Emmanuel Oshoffa, the aggrieved party appealed at the Appellate Court, that appeal comes up soon.

The new Government Code disqualified Emmanuel as Pastor and Worldwide Head of CCC since he is the son of Papa S. B. J. Osofa. The Appellate Court is already on notice with those facts. The age of Emmanuel Oshoffa has nothing to do with this case. He will be thrown out by the Appellate Court on all grounds. Those with all kind of speculations should go back to school and learn that I won the case at the lower court and will also at the Appellate Court. With the new government code Emmanuel has no right to Supreme Court. A member of Emmanuel Oshoffa’s 2011 defunct Trustees said they (the trustees or him Pius) owned Nigerian, while I Pastor Shonekan now says I rule the world as a US Republican come January 20th, 2017. Some folks and their corrupt judge are going to jail, just watch me. Signed: Rev., Pastor and Prophet Shonekan.”

With this new development, it’s obvious the constituted peace-brokers committee that will bring the warring factions together for the celebration of platinum Jubilee of the church may not realize their dream of having a united church for the 70th celebration of CCC. Where are we now Celestial?

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4 responses to “Is Rev. Godwin Shonekan Right About This?”

  1. Tayo says:

    It is well

  2. iyiola says:

    let us not forget that government policies can not stop God’s policies it is only the counsel of God that stands forever. the will of God have not to battle before it finds it way to be revealed.
    All i pray for is God should put HIS will in place in CCC.

  3. iyiola says:

    do not forget that government policies can not stop God’s policies it is only the counsel of God that stands forever.

  4. Olusho Israel says:

    What next?

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