Rev Shonekan ‘Slaps’ Rev EMF Oshoffa Hard

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Reacting to the purported spiritual message of every Celestial Church member removing their garments on Sunday, tomorrow for a certain prayer for the nation and for the members to humble themselves, Rev G.B. Shonekan has sent a hard cyber punch to Rev EMF.

“The message we all knew is just hitting home.

Why did the Holy Spirit take so long to reveal to EMF and his followers that he has overdressed himself and with unreasonable ranks, he was selling to some unsuspecting members?

He had really offended GOD.

But why must it be everybody to help him beg GOD for forgiveness? I don’t see where I, you or many members had beef in this that a whole Sunday service should be disregarded for one man’s SIN.

My thought, I think EMF should take one Wednesday and not during service, wear Brother Sutana and ask GOD for forgiveness alone by himself in the Mercy-Land at Makoko and six other major Parishes on seven separate Wednesdays.

That’s my thought.

Baba Maforikan had told EMF this before Baba’s demise. That he, Baba Maforikan saw Papa SBJ OSOFA who told him to tell EMF to take off the Pastoral Regalia because he, EMF isn’t worthy of the Pastoral Seat.

This ‘call for repentance is a total admittance of guilt. Let’s stopped the fooling.

The Court will soon do the needful because there’s no other way but the truth to take its course, so help us, GOD.”

He has said it all! Nothing but the truth. It is his sin, so he should face it alone. I am going to be in my full regalia with many others tomorrow. Pastoral order indeed!


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7 responses to “Rev Shonekan ‘Slaps’ Rev EMF Oshoffa Hard”

  1. graliontorile says:

    I haven¦t checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  2. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    OK for the genuine different interventions: God bless their authors: Amen!
    But please stop saying Elder BANJO is the doyen in CCC: it’s wrong to say so for we all knew when he joined CCC. We were already in when he came.
    Then what about Baba OSHIN who joined CCC since 1954 and others ?
    In december 1988 in late Baba BADA’s guestroom at Imeko, when I was introduced openly to all heads of our dioceses worldwide and Baba AJOSE asking people around to listen attentively to what I was saying, he Elder BANJO of the then BOT said in Yoruba “tale eleyi? And Baba AJOSE then replied saying “omo egbon wa agba le eleyi. On what Baba BANJO said again in Yoruba “tani egbon wa agba? Then Baba AJANLEKOKO told him in Yoruba that egbon wa agba ni ologbe NATHANIEL A. YANSUNNU (first childwood companion to our prophet to be and the second in command of CCC till september 1970 the year of his demise at Cotonou) awon eleyi ti wan ni bi saju gbogbo wa..
    Please don’t deny or sink the real story of CCC. Many times also, I told you that I were ready to give you documents about the real CCC History
    As for the actual disorder ongoing in CCC, we are all guilty and we need the merci of God of Papa OSCHOFFA not to perish. I have already told Eder ALONGE many times running the real root of all what we are witnessing today in CCC and I also told him about the spiritual solution to shortcut all this. We all must stop condemning and beg God’s pardon.
    Glory be to God on high!

  3. Fatusin Zachariah omotayo says:

    A bad looser,shonrkan would have done better by supporting the move,maybe God can intervene and bring in unity. Criticisms by this time won’t really do any help at all.

  4. Chris . A. Ogbaisi says:

    Celestial Comedy series 9 .
    The hunted has now become the Hunter,whipping sentiments and open deceit . “Lori ro” .
    The unfortunate aspect is when we build lies on lies, using prophecy .
    How come the holy spirit has not revealed to EMF that he is surrounded with liars and over ambitious people ? How come holy spirit has not warned him to stop allowing his wife to influence him negatively against administrative growth of the church ?
    How come holy spirit has not warned him against promoting disunity within the church world wide ? How come holy spirit has not warned him against false intention in raising revenue through annointments, awarding ranks to members who are financially fit, but spiritually unfit ?
    How come the holy spirit has not revealed to the Pastor that he has to go for genuine reconciliation with all agrieved members of the church , especially his team of trustees ? How come the holy spirit has not informed him to ask for forgiveness of sin for lying and raising false alarm against BOT Treasury that he has been denied of his entitlement ? How come he has not received a genuine prophecy that he has been a clog in the wheel of progress of this church since 2020? If holy spirit has revealed to the church to go on remorseful sunday , I expected him to have engaged same holy spirit to confirm various lies and manipulations perpectuated by Shoyemi and Folorunsho with suppport of Alagba Kayode Ajala the smooth operator .
    This is the real prophecy for our dearest Pastor EMF…
    1. Go on genuine reconcillation” one on one ” with Baba Banjo . Apologise to him for the open disgrace and for demeaning his personality as the Doyen of CCC world wide.

    2. Go on genuine restitution for 7 wednesdays seeking God’s mercy for taking the church through this hard route sake of personal ambition .

    3. Reverse all decisions made that disolved the BoT and brought in Kangaroo BoT.

    4. Go for genuine reconciliation of all factions of the church world wide . Create a system that will enable them function independently while reporting to the center . While all heads of these factions will have to come together to form a legal binding council to jointly run affairs of the church alongside the BoT .

    5. Constitution of the church should be reviewed and ratify within specific time frame with committee of these council to review and BoT ratify it .

    6. All recently annointees be asked to revert to old ranks . It sounds like an herculen task but that is the real spiritual message given to the pastor that he has misinterpreted it to suit his purpose and personal agenda of his team . Let us not be too surprised , the message must have come from our amiable Egungun Prophet Shoyemi.

    7. Finally , Pastor EMF with all our fathers, mothers , clergies and all other concerned Celestians will go on genuine restitution service on wednesday to seek God’s mercy for CCC world wide .
    Anything short of this , sorry we are only chasing shadow.

  5. Shepherd Taiwo says:

    I Shepherd Taiwo appeal to everyone pray for peace to reign in Celestial Church of Christ World wide and the whole African Countries What ever injection judgement rulled from Court of Appeal on Pastoral toresul should be abide with. All churches were under government law The book of Romans 13 verse 1 Thanks According to regalia everybody will harvest what you plant Ezekiel 18 vs 19&20.

  6. Alagba kunle says:

    Ignorance of the highest order in the corridors of power

  7. Kayode Segun Olugbuyi says:

    I fully support and agree with Pastor G.Bolanle Shonekan ‘s Pastoral order that everyone should appear in his/ her full regalia on Sunday Service as ordained by God.
    EMF mentioned in his order that exemption is accorded to those parishes holding their annual Harvest Service on Sunday. What a shame !!!!

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