The Rules And Tenets Concerning Ranks And Titles In The Church

December 18, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 7 Comments »

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For the fact that we speaks our dialects during our services in CCC doesn’t make us illiterates or that we don’t know the right from the left.

There are several times I asked myself this questions about the rules and tenet that has never changed in Celestial Church (Ofin ati Ilana ijo mimo ko yi pada) and I have come to realize the so called tenet already been twisted to suits personal interests of some set of people.

I want you to get it right, the rules and tenet still remain the same. I will only point out few things on how some people have twisted it.

I have discovered some set of people so much hate truth to be spoken out to them; if you speak reality that doesn’t suit their wayward lifestyles they begin to criticize you with all kinds of harsh words backing it up with tenets. Anyway, by their fruits you shall know them (Their time will soon be up).

Our harvest has become a venue where members are now celebrating alcoholic drinks (The tenet will never appears there) but when you try to correct their wrongdoings, someone will raise eyebrows saying “Ilana” ni.

Something happened of recent that I saw, it is unspeakable (I want to be guided by this writing, so I will not talk about it) but let me sound it out loudly to those of you who go to beer parlour with our precious garment, be warned.

Secondly, I believe the tenet should put a FULL STOP to different titles that are coming out on a daily basis. One of the major problems we are facing in this church today is the issue of ranks, and yet people are still rushing for it.

If you like wear Black and Blue colour and put purple green cross bar on it, you can never sit at the back of the altar. What is wrong with human mentality? Some people will even be fighting for standing at your back while entering or going out after service, only just to prove they senior you in ranks.

Listen carefully, it is not about the rank you carry that matters, but rather the lives you have positively affected, the lives you have touched or blessed with the word.

I have seen a sister who doesn’t have any ranks in this church and her work is 100% acceptable than Mother Celestial, so also I have seen a brother in this fold that are 10, 000 times  better than all sort of ranked men.

I hope you remember one of the greatest Concert in Celestial Church of Christ “Luli concert” organized by committed brothers and sisters alikes, the convener of that event is an ordinary brother, so who are you with your high rank?

I believe very soon, we will run out of colours for ranks and begin to wear Black and Red for the newly ranked members in the church.

My dear brethren, I indulge you to get wisdom, don’t be carried away with issues of ranks but let us work for the unity and the glory of this church.

I am not going against any ranks, but be careful so that at the end of the journey your worldly rank will not stand against you on the judgment day.

May God bless us as we make amendment in Jesus name (Amen)

I am Fisayo Joel.

7 responses to “The Rules And Tenets Concerning Ranks And Titles In The Church”

  1. Rachael says:

    Amen, thanks for your advice

  2. Isaac says:

    Good day all. I agreed with this write up. Bad, wearing Garment to a bar parlor! I just believe change is constant and all will be well soon as I believe we can’t continue this way. God bless us

  3. Charles Dan says:

    seriously, we still have some real members in this fold (CCC),why some know the truth but find it difficult to say it i appreciate those who comment before me ,in celestial church there is a song for each offering , according to rule of the church but they sing different songs this days instead of normal one ,hip hop & RnB uring the Thanksgiving, may God help us

  4. Rm Olu says:

    It’s so unfortunate, some elders are now using the title of the Catholic Church by calling themselves Cardinals, I wonder who gave it to them, we now use praise the Lord Instead of Alleluyah, our songs for offerings is now R&B songs. The church of Jesus Christ has been turned into Pentecostal/Evangelical/Charismatic Churches, may God help us.

  5. yomi Newton says:

    100℅ in agreement ! A hood does not make a monk ! Color differentiation and ranking has no effect if salvation rates zero. God is not mocked ! He rewards , surely He rewards , and our work would be put to test ! would it withstand the fire ! End time rascality of wackiness , disorientation ,and misplaced priority ! No matter the rank , all would end as display in the casket that can’t withstand the voracious attack of the ants , original landlords of the ground from man was made – common dust

  6. Evang. S O. Oguntuyi. says:

    Right on point…… good message to all!!!!!.

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