S.e.x In Your Dream: What It Really Means

August 6, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Saints & Sinners / Add Comment »

Dreams play a much more significant role in our lives than we can think of. Dreams come with warning, instruction, guidance, or message. Every dream is to alert or encourage you to take some immediate actions.

S.e.x is the ultimate act of union between two individuals, many people are going through this idea of having s.e.x in their dreams. This simply means that they are married and sleeping with demons called succubus and incubus. Nothing on earth is more jealous than a spiritual husband or wife, if you have s.e.x in a dream nothing will work physically for you.

Read this carefully, once you have had s.e.x. in your dream, you have left your blood inside a demon as a man, and as a woman, a demon has left his blood inside of you, that’s why everything you try to do fails. S.e.x is more spiritual than it is physically. The imagery of s.e.x dreams is not to be taken literally, as it is symbolic. It symbolizes spiritual defilement.

S.e.x dreams can be caused by blood covenants raised through fornication or failed marriages. These covenants act as open doors for demonic attacks as you are still bound to those people. Take the initiative to break each covenant to be set free from evil s.e.x.u.a.l dreams.

Many couples are battling with this issue and most of them are having problems in their respective homes or marriages. the only way to come out of this bondage is to wrestle in fervent prayers to be free spiritually. It takes prayers and fasting to conquer this spiritual battle. We shall be explaining the many spirits that are behind this r.ap.e in the dreams.


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