Sad Tale Of A Diocesean: Even If…God Will Still Use You!

September 8, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 1 Comment »

There is a tale of an HoD who was said to have been chosen by the spirit through a secret ballot with surprising names of other potential HoDs rolled and put inside an envelope whereas only his name was said to have been put inside the 20 envelopes, no other name. So, when they picked it three times, his name appeared in all.

But today, the HoD has emerged and because they have lied about his emergence to be the holy spirit chosen, catastrophe, and chaos, have become the order of the day in his kingdom.

If God had truly called you, He will not allow you to be mocked, disgraced, and lampooned even in the comity of HoD.

When one of the CNO Nationals submitted the comment below, I connected it to the tale of the Diocesean Head immediately.

“During my entrance into this great church more than 40 years now, I have always seen and known our hymns to be as strong as words in the Bible themselves so most times, when I see elders who read the Bible and words from our hymns still going contrary to the teachings therein, I begin to wonder how Stoney some hearts are.

The second stanza from hymn 205 should have solved this problem.

2. Those He loveth He calleth,

Those He calls He chooseth, Going deeper in darkness,

Those He chooses He glorifies,

In this our dark world

And the world rejects His call

Refusing calls to repentance,

Under destruction.

Must you call yourself? If your call is from God, even if you are inside the thick forest like David taking care of animals, they look for you. Even if you are evil like Jephthah, those who sent you on the same exit will come looking for you.

If God wants to use you, even if those who put you inside the boiling oil and later remove you to throw you inside the evil forest of Patmos like John in Revelation, 1:9, God will still use you.
Those who are quick to refer to the God of Apostle Babalola fail to study that he was once given an evil forest with the intention to die when he requested for land but God showed up for him.

Even if the strong committee is raised against you and you are rejected, just like in 2 Samuel 6, your story will change like that of Obed-edom and you will be remembered in a hurry.
Shall we continue?”


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  1. Olalekan says:

    Hmmmmmmm , just short of words…..

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