Salvation Parish Insist Oluso Adepegba Must Stay…Politely Walk Out EMF Team

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The last might not have been heard about the imbroglio currently rocking CCC Salvation Model Parish, Ajuwon. Last Saturday that #cno visited, the Chairman of the new improved parish, Evangelist Kehinde Shoyebo, was full of praises of their shepherd while others too eulogised his good virtue.

The Chairman of the Parochial said,
“This is my Sixth or Seventh year in this Church and I can tell you that, I have never met an honest and well-disciplined man like our shepherd.”

Talking about the genesis of the whole brouhaha, the eloquent but soft-spoken dude said, “The letter brought by Ketu, we the church didn’t see the letter and I don’t know the content but when the announcement was released to the church that the Shepherd would be transferred, the whole church stood their ground that, they would not allow that to happen because the man is yet to finish the work he started with them. It is true, he is a spirit-filled Shepherd”

Going further he said, “Well going by Shepherd’s record because we are in the best position to tell how the shepherd has been performing from the church he is barely two years and if you are talking about terms of Shepherd’s in the parish I think it’s two years for him to have been transferred but he has not even spent up to the stipulated two years.

Secondly, physically, spiritually and financially the church can see the hands of God positively. For instance, if you have been here before you would see that our mercy land was not in this form before, even from our entrance you would have seen a lot of tremendous positive changes and more.

So, he is the brain behind our success in terms of infrastructure and development, sometimes, he would just call me, ‘Alaga, (as he often calls me) if we do things like this the church members and the church would move forward and this has been what he has been doing up till today, he has been the architect of good happenings here supported by we the members.

Also, sir, you can come worship with us one of these days and ask around members how well the church has been growing physically and spiritually. I could hear testimonies in the church where a lady who has been carrying six years of pregnancy got delivered, and she is a mother now with her baby.

This is a parish where the church can testify to tremendous changes in their lives, those that cannot afford three square meals were giving testimonies that since the shepherd came, God has really touched their hearts.”

Despite the report of #cno that the youth would not say yes to whatever arrangement Rev EMF and his team are cooking up, secretary to the Transfer Committee, Baba Olisa was at the parish on Sunday, yesterday to carry out the instructions of his master, Rev. EMF but met a brick wall. The parishioners, as #cno gathered, politely pleaded with Alagba Olisa to tell Rev EMF that, their Shepherd means everything to them for now and he can not be transferred.

Though, Alagba Olisa, according to a member’s feedback to #cno, tried to pacify the members to respect pastoral order or come see the ‘pastor’ for an amicable resolution. According to one of the youths who informed us of the happening on Sunday, “we are not seeing the ‘Pastor’ for anything, we know what happened to those who went to see him from Calvary Parish the last time, if they don’t want our case to go that way, we should be let alone with our Shepherd. CCC at the moment is not under the control of one pastor, we may be forced to take a drastic action that Ketu will regret, so, the better we allow the sleeping dog lies, the best….” To Be Continued!


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One response to “Salvation Parish Insist Oluso Adepegba Must Stay…Politely Walk Out EMF Team”

  1. Special venerable. Ajaloleru titus says:

    Oro re , ara adugbo,

    Mo tun gbaa sha miran de…..

    Eskelebe tie leleee🤒

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