“Saw Dr. Omololu Bowing Down Singing ‘Mo Wole Fun Oba Awon Araiye’ Without Loin”- Ileriayo

March 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 8 Comments »

Ileriayo Temitope

While he was on the surface of the earth, he never received anointment from anybody and never put on any loin to his four-corner garment.

While being laid, I was shocked to see people to have girdled him with a loin which he never wore throughout his lifetime. A couple of minutes after my dramatic soliloquy, I received this message on my Facebook Messenger from an unknown person. Truly, the spirit of God is one and with this, I know, those who do great things on earth will receive the crown of glory in heaven.

Read the message of Ileriayo Temitope, a member of Descendants of Davis Mass Choir, below:

“I’m not saying this to gain recognition on social media. Dr. Omololu Oladosu made it to heaven. it was around 6:25 pm yesterday, I was playing some hymns on the organ, and went on trance. I saw Dr. Omololu joined multitude of people bowing down singing “Mo WO le fun Oba a won araiye. He was without his loins, and none of the people he joined were putting on loins.”

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8 responses to ““Saw Dr. Omololu Bowing Down Singing ‘Mo Wole Fun Oba Awon Araiye’ Without Loin”- Ileriayo”

  1. Olaoluwapo says:

    Dr Omololu is in heaven. I saw him twice in my dream. I never had any real contact with him other than I was under one of his ministration at CCC Afonifoji Ibukun Parish. Every time I think of him, I just begin to hear a song in my spirit ‘ Ile Ile Ayo , Olorun baba jeki de be’ sang by Baba ara. I give thanks to God for his life.

  2. Joseph Uloho says:

    The tieing of loins is it of GOD or of Oshoffa, if of God should we imitate those who have and they dont tie?

  3. Olumide says:

    Thank you great God, either loins or not people are testifying of seeing him worshiping in heaven, I Got similar message by another prophetes on my inbox the day his soul departed to heaven and with the witness of two or more the saying is justify. It is we that remain on earth that should put on our spiritual loins and press forward with good work to enter the kingdom of God.

  4. Jesutofunmi Celestinah says:

    At Egba Christopher, why dont you direct that question to him in grave as you feel like knowing his wife and kids? Kindly google his history, leaving main topic to discuss a deceased soul private life. What an insult? Go to Lisa Village and ask Maranatha Ministry members. You have nothing to share educative and spiritually. So leave this topic for reasonable people to follow.

  5. egba Christopher says:

    My question is didn’t he has a wife and children ni? Because throughout is departure and till he was lowered to the ground no pictures of wife and children but I could remember in is life tym dey said he has a daughter..

  6. Ogunrotimi opeyemi says:

    May God help us in celestial

  7. Anuoluwapo says:

    The loin was eventually removed and placed by his side before he was finally lowered. . and the only time he wore d loin in d picture you saw when he was alive was when he had to conduct a service at d newly established parish in Dubai. I also saw same picture. Afterall it was online, so its not a big deal. We thank God for your vision Ileri. God bless you. Lets all work for purification of our own souls too…so that we can also make heaven when our own time comes. Thank you.

  8. Chris says:

    Have got his picture where he wore a one cross blue girdle to minister

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