I Saw SBJ Oshoffa Weeping At The Mercyland Altar And This Is What It Means

March 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 3 Comments »

We always say it that some things are not right with us. Now a young prophet of this church has seen a vision, believe it or embrace it, the spirit of Papa SBJ Oshoffa is not happy in the grave.

“I was invited for Wednesday morning service on 4th of January, 2017. At exactly 9:45am a flash like a light from the altar glittered, I saw clearly Papa S. B. J Oshoffa sitting at the right hand of the altar with a brother garment (Not putting on regalia) he sat on the chair, putting his right hand across the forehead. I saw tears from his side view and within a minute, he was taken off.

When I saw it so many questions came to my mind…

Why is Papa shedding tears?

Why is Papa not wearing full regalia when he knows he’s going to appeared to me?

Why is Papa putting his right hand across the forehead?

These mysteries kept me mute since January to share the vision, not until few days ago I discussed with a female friend who said I need to seek divine interpretations and write about it.

But to my greatest surprise, a mad man shouted at me (on the 11th of March 2017) from a vision saying “BUT YOU SAW IT AND YOU KEPT MUTE” repeating with sounds echoing to my ears till severe headache began.

Finally I got the interpretation

Firstly : Papa shed tears…

Papa S.B. J shed tears because of the way things are going in the fold. He hath laid a good foundation but different blocks we are building on it.

Joshua 6:2 (“God said see I have given you Jericho) Celestial Church what can we see as a fold? What is the vision and the mission at the stage?

We have to decide, not expecting Papa S. B. J Oshoffa to come back and perform magic.

Get it straight, if we don’t make a move or make decisions between us, God will fold His hands.

Secondly : Why is Papa Oshoffa not in full regalia?

Yes! Papa not in full regalia because the issue of ranks and tittle has already destroyed so many things in this fold and he presented himself as an ordinary member in the vision to me. This also implies that, the position of a pastor is empty, the head is as ordinary as what he’s wearing. How many people know the impact of what they are wearing? Hmm!

Colours upon colours can never take you to heaven. So why do we allow that to divide our love and harmony?

Thirdly : Why is Papa SBJ putting his right hand across the forehead?

Papa SBJ Oshoffa, asking who will now lead this ship with love and unity?

At this junction, I have open up what I saw and the interpretation to the fold.

The question is what are we doing with what God has given us?

The more we wait for God to come and do it, the more we keep wasting time.

We’ve got to decide….

Peace be unto Celestial Church”

I am Prophet Fisayo Joel

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3 responses to “I Saw SBJ Oshoffa Weeping At The Mercyland Altar And This Is What It Means”

  1. From phtss olaitan says:

    Tanks god bless u all I pray that god we inter vain in celestial bcos things has fall apart am so happy that papa did not live us in celestial if not second baba osin and baba banjo have work to do then papa Osin and baba banjo should pray very well bcos now celestial is now in the river from one side to another I no god renovaite is church by god grace amen

  2. Celestine Abimbola Adesiyan says:

    Last year September, i was praying at Papa Tomb and i saw him sitting and very sad mode. Papa has beem betrayed and Celestial Church problem is more complex than we thought.
    Let all claiming Pastoral seat repent, withdraw from such claims and seek for God’s intervention.
    Celestial Church is without a pastor for now and I regard none as my pastor.
    Papa SBJ Oshoffa remain my pastor,
    Baba A.A Bad a remain my supreme Evangelist.
    And Baba Ajanlekoko remain superior Evangelist worldwide.
    Let others reverse to their former ranks as there are many evidences that all the so called Celestial leaders are mere noise makers and politician in the church.

  3. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    You’re not wrong a prophet of God, 2007 I saw something similar and I went to inform Baba Oshin but I met ajose meko and alagba ojo whose misinterpreted the message right in my presence. Have been saying this for sometime Baba Oshin can’t say he didn’t know our rightfully chosen pastor but he chose to keep quiet according to what was revealed to me that is the main reason why papa was weeping in your dream. To whoever that is concern Baba Oshin have no resting place after death if he fails to do the right thing. Am ready to say this anywhere

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