SBJ Oschoffa’s Divine Visitation People Associate With Magic

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On September 29, 1947, while meditating with some well-wishers in his house, Oschoffa claimed to have witnessed a mysterious and divine appearance [18], where a winged angel [19] bathed in an intense light stood before him. The angel of the Lord allegedly delivered the following message to S. B. J. Oschoffa in the Egun language which reads in English:

Peace be with you. It is the wish of God to send you on an errand of preaching to the world. Many nominal Christians when confronted by difficulties and problems of this world, run after fetish priests and other powers of darkness for all kinds of assistance. Consequently, at their death they cannot see Christ because, by their action, Satan has left his spiritual mark on them. To assist you in your work so that men may listen to and follow your miraculous works of healing: divine healing will be carried out by you in the name of Jesus Christ. These works of divine healing and God’s spiritual mark on you will testify to the fact that God sent you.

This was Oschoffa’s great commission. The appearance of the angel of the Lord was later confirmed by a woman called Marie Zevenu who claimed to have seen a vision of Jesus Christ visiting Oschoffa. In her vision, she said she saw Oschoffa’s body illuminated and sparkling like a twinkling star. Marie Zevenu later visited Oschoffa to see whether his body was actually transformed. Oschoffa admitted having been visited by an angel of the Lord. Marie, accompanied by her husband, Fredrick Zevenu, a catholic, left for home full of joy and inspiration. The news of the visitation of the angel of the Lord to Oschoffa in no time spread throughout the ancient city of Porto Novo and its surroundings.

As usual, adversaries, reactionaries and many doubting Thomases made unfavourable comments. Oschoffa’s name and many of his miraculous healings were associated with magic, but it is interesting to note that the western missionary churches while condemning the wonders being performed by Oschoffa, did not succeed in stopping their members from seeking prayers and healings from him.

-Imoleayo Imolemide Oshin

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3 responses to “SBJ Oschoffa’s Divine Visitation People Associate With Magic”

  1. Olumide says:

    Our God is a great , loving and caring father, how I wish all this ogboni and babalawo shepherd and prophet can just depend on only God like pa sbj oshofa and allow God to do His own work.

  2. Oyeleye Oyebolade O. says:

    I just love the last paragraph. It is so true. Celestians should hold on to God in the celestial fold

  3. Abosede Shoyoye says:

    Whether the world like Celestial church is the last boat of salvation.

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