SBJ OSHOFFA : The Authentic History By Edith Oshoffa

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Edith Oschoffa 1On this day, sixty nine years ago precisely, on the 23rd May 1947, Papa, Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa heard a voice and The Voice said LULI and the same voice told SBJO that “this means The Grace of Jesus Christ.” It was in the deep forest, where he went to buy Ebony wood for his trade, where SBJO eventually spent three months and on that day there was the eclipse of the sun.

This deep forest lay between a town called ZINVIE, a lake called GODRO near which there was a village called HUNGON where SBJO wandered past WHEDO and on to AGLANGOUN (CCC Constitution article 20, page 6.)

I would like to point out here, that nobody knows the exact spot where SBJO received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

It is my pleasure to announce that this forest has been located by the members of CCC, some of whom have been making a yearly pilgrimage to this forest.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that CCC had bought twelve hectares of land between HOUGON and the lake GODRO. This said parcel of land had been bought in the name of Celestial Church of Christ.

SBJO wrote in the Constitution that he “wandered in the forest for three months, that during this three months he did not cook, his food was honey and his drink was water from the flowing stream nearby. In this forest he saw many visions and experienced multiple changes in himself ( articles 18 & 19, page 6 of the Constitution.)

The three months SBJO spent in the forest, he did not cook nor was he hungry. He received the gift of the Holy Spirit while living in the forest, which changed him so much that eventually when he got into the canoe, that took him to AGANGE, on his journey, he carried snakes that fell into the canoe with his bare hands back into the stream and remained unhurt.

After the three months in the forest, not knowing how to paddle a canoe, he got into the canoe and allowed himself down stream by the current of the stream. That was how SBJO got to AGANGE, where the first miracle was performed through him by Jesus Christ.

Correction : SBJO did not receive the gift of God in the forest of AGANGE.

Please let us all read and digest what SBJO left for us so as to know the truth. “And Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” John 8 : 32

This forest is the beginning of CCC and is part of the seven most important stages of SBJO ‘s spiritual journey, for thirty eight years. It is one of the seven very important sites in the Celestial world that every member of CCC should endeavour to visit at some point.

God willing, we shall talk about the remaining six sites in future.

Every 23rd of May is a very significant and memorable day in the Celestial Church of Christ and in the life of every true child of Oshoffa . It was on the 23rd of May 1947 that LULI was divinely proclaimed as THE GRACE OF JESUS CHRIST.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY any to all members of this our great Church where Christ liveth.

Edith Oshoffa


9 responses to “SBJ OSHOFFA : The Authentic History By Edith Oshoffa”

  1. David says:

    Ccc is a church of grace

  2. Adelaja tobiloba says:

    I luv d story it is very interesting

  3. Oluwadunsin says:

    Although am not born in celestial but since when am into celestial garden the grace of year 1947 haven’t left me back……as for me celestial church of Christ is the best

  4. Beatrice Olowosile JP. says:

    I will ardently like to have a copy of this edifying book because Celestial church is the best church in the whole world and I believe that it will cleanse the world because prayers are answered quickly if only you obey the commandments of God. All I have achieved in Great Britain it was through the God of Papa SBJ Oshoffa. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Judith is doing a good job defending and representing her father’s wonderful image. People should encourage her instead of putting her down. I say well done sister, more grease to your elbow. May The Lord in His infinite mercy endow you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding as He did for king Solomon. My mobile number is: 07958 085 668. So how can I get a copy of this wonderful book? Please I can not wait to have one. Remain forever blessed. My Parish is CCC Greater London parish shalom.

  5. brother says:

    why do i need the church’s history? is it the key to heaven ? history upon history upon history has been the setbacks for Church elders and upcoming youths… can we just for once think about the future rather than dwell in the past. it is not a business empire for the oshoffas.

  6. Brother dauda Ahmed says:

    olu ijo mimo agbe wa o, thankyou for the fact you refealed tu us.

  7. Femi Biggy says:

    Would love to get updates of news in my email…

  8. Akinrolabu Feyisayo Hannah says:

    Ijo mimo a gbe wa. Thankyou for the facts revealed. Infact we all think its Agange forest that every thing happened

  9. Akanni Olusegun says:

    Very nice story, may God bless you more.

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