Why SBJ Oshoffa Married Many Women…What’s The Position Of God About This?

May 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 10 Comments »

While surfing the web for some video tapes of late pastor Founder Bilewu Oshoffa on youtube, I saw an interview he granted in the late 70s where he talked about people marrying more than one woman.

According to Papa Oshoffa who was reacting to a question from the interviewer about the position of God concerning marriage institution and he gave them Jesus’ answer in response to a question concerning a woman who had been married multiple times in her life-whom would she be married to in heaven (Matthew 22:23-30)?

Evidently, there will be no such thing as marriage in heaven but why creating a man and a woman as first couple? Why not a man and many women? The late theologian also cited the story of Mirian and Aaron who went against Moses when he married a Cushite wife in Numbers 12.

“Marrying more than one woman has nothing to do with God as long as they do not affect your service with God. If you know what Jesus told them when they asked Him concerning the widow who married 7 husband and of course, you all know the story of Mirian, Aaron and Moses when he chose himself another wife and what God did to Mirian…So, if you are sure of taken good care of them and not suffer them, God has no issue with the number of women you have,” Oshoffa reacted.

Does that mean it’s allowed for clergymen to marry more than one wife? Did his response to this issue relate to modern day Christianity? What exactly is the position of God about this topic? Let’s have your opinion please!

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10 responses to “Why SBJ Oshoffa Married Many Women…What’s The Position Of God About This?”

  1. John Bada. says:

    I want to clearly state here that this narratives here does not present the position of papa Oshoffa correctly and adequately on the issue of his marrying many wives. The reason for this according
    to him is for him to have many children who will bear his name his fathers name Oshoffa after he is gone back to God been the only male child of his family. It is not for any carnal lust of the flesh. I believe it is necessary and important to put his position right on this issue.

  2. alagba says:

    my question is what is the population of both man and woman in this world ? the time of moses is diffrent from jesus and the population from the time jesus was born is diffrent from this present time. The bible wasnt trown down from heaven but was written by diffrent scolars. i live in the west that brought the bible to you. the divorce rate is unbeleavable. even now the young generation dont want to marry again. go to amsterdam ashewo business is legal, come to the uk , italy germany ahewo is big business. now they want to change the bible that their is nothing wrong in gay marrige. the whites see that your population is growing more than them that is why they give you ebola and h.i.v a. aids to decrease your population. i am a one man one wife fan but their is nothing wrong in popygamy. and again over population is not the cause of porverty how about china 1.3 billon to nigerians 180 millon, its how you manage your population that matters without corruption.


    I don’t think its against the rules of God, cos the book of Proverb said “at the end 7 woman would unto a man to bear his NAME”.
    So if the bible could say that, its written and it ll surely come to pass.
    So being a Shepherd or a member can have as many as possible woman in as much he is capable of taking care of them.
    I rest my case here.

  4. Akinsola Damilare says:

    As usual people will post all sorts of comments on a topic like this.But many of the comments are based on emotions and not necessarily spirituality.Our Patriarch SBJo is a practical example of a man who Hod used mightily and greatly.If God still found him a worthy vessel regardless of those one man,one wife Apostle Paul in Timothy and Titus.it means the way of God is not that of man.God told king David If he had asked for more wives,he would have given him,does it mean he(God)later changed his mind concerning polygamy?lets seek to know the mind of God always concerning issues so as not to run foul of his injunctions.if life has adequately prepared a suitable husband for those women in polygamy,would they have still gone to it knowing fully well that they will be sharing their man with someone else.Monogamy is the reason why divorce rate is very rampant in the west.That in itself is worrisome.The fall of man in the garden of Eden brought a lot of problems to the world that our intelligence can’t handle.Its only those who possess his spirit that will behold his glory.

  5. lace sup Prph olayemi says:

    to me I think some of us are only trying to sweep the truth under the carpet, because no matter how comfortable you are as a man you can not manage two women, reasons why is that you will have to bend rules to satisfy them, before you know it you will have to lie, your love for money will increase and even spiritually you will be very heavy because of lust that comes with satisfaction above all that man will become diabolical because his communication with God would have been barred by all the afore mentioned vices, in fact polygamy is the reason why there is so much poverty in Africa because it will not allow peaceful coexistence that can bring good tidings but rather it often brings strife and that is why CCC is still where it is till now because of the numerous offspring of the pastor founder it would have been wonderful if they all came out from one woman. More so taking a second wife usually occur by accident it can never be in the plan of God because God is not an author of confusion.

  6. Prophet Bumie Adesina says:

    The issue with the contributors to this issue is that their mind are hypnotized with an assertion to believe one concept and wrong the other concept. The issue of polygamy is innately unfolded. One need to go deep into research to rationalized the concept of polygamy.

  7. God's Delight says:

    That Pastor SBJ Oshoffa (saint) was called and used mightily by God does not mean he is without fault. God used Gideon mightily but he made an error in his journey and it became a snare to him. In the book of Eccl., it is written that marriage is a 3 fold cord i.e the man, his wife( not wives) and God. It is unrighteous to more than one wife as a christian. In fact, it is adultery because it makes you to gratify the lust of the flesh. Many Shepherds I have seen or heard of always use Baba Oshoffa( saint) as an example of them marrying many wives. As a man of God, it is not expected of you to marry more than one wife except perhaps before you were saved and called by God, you are a polygamist.Then, we don’t expect you to send the other wives away. Please, polygamy should not be encouraged in our fold. It is sin! It is sin!!
    Our shepherds and members should desist from the act of polygamy.
    It is in Celestial that you will see almost 80percent of the pastors( shepherds) practising polygamy. Some still keep committing adultery with church members. I love our pastor founder but still. he is not perfect. He only enjoyed grace. I hate shepherds that site him a reference of there excuse for polygamy. I can only see them being ignorant. God bless His fold.

  8. Omo cele ni mi says:

    Marriage is an institution established by God for the main purpose of companionship and procreation.Genesis 1 vs 28, Gen 2 vs 18. God created Eve for Adam NOT FOR GOD. The perfect will of God is an Eve for an Adam, but if man’s will is done and you have Eves for an Adam, that Adam should be ready to carry the cross that comes with it. One Eve caused so much trouble for Adam and mankind as a whole, the spirit of polygamy breeds distrust and that is the genesis of every other problem in a polygamous home. Apostle Paul had no wife but he has a pillar in heaven, Mary Magdalene was an adulteress she became number one fan of Jesus Christ, Abraham had wives, he is Gods friend with a mission in heaven. The 10 commandments is given to us so that our life in this world will not be difficult in other for us to have a better, peaceful and smooth relationship with our maker.

  9. Superior Evangelist Alphonsus Aihonsu says:

    Very nice and detailed response from the Late Enigmatic Spiritual Leader. Although Iam not an advocate of polygamy, Iam still to find “ONE MAN ONE WIFE” in the bible. I see this as a confusion between religion and culture. The European culture is one man one wife, not reckoning with many mistresses, while our culture is one man and as many wives as to assist in your profession. Unfortunately, there is limitation on the need of physical assistance to warrant more than one wife. During civilisation, the europeans came and eroded our culture by indoctrinating us to believe that whatever is European is superior to ours.
    With reference to spiritual calling, Paul Apostle said that it is good to ‘DESIRE’ a spiritual post and then gave the condition of ‘a husband of one wife’. The Term ‘DESIRE’ indicates that, it is you that want it and not God mandating you. What authorities need to do is put it as a condition once you file your interest or desire to become a church worker. If God sees you with many wives and still call you to His vineyard, who dares query God? To me, the only exception to this “A husband of ONE Wife”, should be the founder of any spiritual organisation. All subsequent leaders should be subjected to the divine management protocols as laid down by the healthy professional hands.

  10. Ogungbuyi Oluyomi says:

    Truly,d Old Testament at Moses’ era allows polygamy as long as u can care 4 their needs.D New Testament however says 1man/1wife.But today de we not decieve ourselves when condemners of polygamy have 1 wife but secretly have other wives n many many concubines incldg parishioners wife’s n children.He dat covereth sin……..God is watching us all n we’ll account for all.

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