SBJ Oshoffa’s Mausoleum Invaded…

April 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Uncategorized / 23 Comments »

You have just been fooled in April. Your blessing will be so full this month that you will not remember you have ever suffered! Amen!!!

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23 responses to “SBJ Oshoffa’s Mausoleum Invaded…”

  1. Prophet S.A Adeboye says:

    Let forget about this matter, what I thing is Rev Pastor EMF OSHOFFA should Invite the two leader and settle the issue among them. i no that the two leader are mature more than that.

  2. Adeola oluwakemi says:

    Well it’s April fool like he has said stop the insult and move on

  3. Em says:

    This Is totally wrong and unacceptable,u are suppose to b a christian,u didn’t fool us,u lied and it is a sin to lie,go and pray for forgiveness.

  4. Koko says:

    I can now see why your church is not moving forward, you members think with your legs. For crying out loud is your Oshoffa God? What is the big deal about using this as April Fool? Do you people even know where your Oshoffa is at the moment? Common, you should be thinking with your brain, I see nothing wrong in what this writer has done. Absolutely nothing wrong, only for April Fool purpose. You guys should move forward ok!

  5. Sup Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Let us all have a sense of humor. I confess to being actively fooled. It was a pleasant surprise and relief when I found out that it was a timely April Fools joke. Let’s laugh at and with ourselves. It is good for the soul. No need to abuse or be rude to the author. No one claimed the prayers he ended with. I do. Amen. It is well with our souls. Amen.

  6. Oluwafunmbi Adeyemi says:

    Once fooled gloriously full

  7. Eniola David says:

    just too xpensive.

  8. Ayotunde says:

    Is too expensive

  9. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    Lo!, it better be o. You caught me

  10. Tummise says:

    Dis is too expensive naw make Oshoffa no go vex for you o

  11. Tummise says:

    Dis is too expensive o make Oshoffa no go vex for u o

  12. tolexy says:

    April fool indeed

  13. Godwin says:

    In western world, April Fool is a day known to celebrate things of this nature. No error committed. The only reason to take it up with him is if he has failed to put the April Fool thing, once that is done, it’s permitted. Let’s just continue with other articles and let this go, it’s done for the reason that every 1st of April is for April Fool.

  14. Busuyi says:

    Lol I lov ur gut guy, good thinkin. Seriously, there is notin to diz. Just wanted to make us remember that Papa is still at imeko

  15. Arewa says:

    This definently isn’t as type of joke or prank anyone should play with not even on an excuse of an April fool.this is wrong!!!!!! Do u realise what you have caused with this write up, I guess u don’t…..

    • Ajewole Ayomikun says:

      The truth is there is nothing wrong in this as long as it’s stated in the story that it’s April Fool. There is time and season for everything under this heaven Arewa. Don’t let’s castigate the young man over this. International world used presidents, pope etc but they were never booed at. So, it’s for the April Fool and I know ordinarily, a thing like that can not happen

  16. Olumaro elizabeth says:

    Haahaaa this insult is much na,dont critisize u so ever weote this,its was just a joke,let God be the judge and not u!!!As if u are a saint in celestial…

  17. Olumaro elizabeth says:

    Haaa i was scared u know!!!

  18. Oladapo Felix says:

    You are fool for using this as April fool if your father remained corpse can be taken away by gunmen as April fool how will you feel Go and ask from God forgiveness of sin

    • Busuyi says:

      Hey D Guy No Call ANY1 A Fool Here nah. Na which kain cele person wey you be. Imagine o, someone just bringing our consciousness to d reality of thigs and all you could do was to call him a fool. Common, show love mhen, this dude means no harm. Diz is just an article remembering us of April Fool. You people wt reactions to some issues make me feel like you guys are illiterate mhen. I come here a lot n I c no evil committed here

  19. A.o says:

    Is it a must to do April fool. The joke is an expensive joke

  20. Femi Ade says:

    Abeg no kill person jhoor

  21. Temidayo Taiwo says:

    Bros no give us Hypertension now

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