Secret Habits About Late S.B.J. Oshoffa Unknown To Many

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sbj-oshoffa-2Late Sage and founder of Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide, Samuel Bileou Oshoffa was a great man even in death he’s still great but it may shock many people that as great as he was he had a attitude that was not known to many people.

This secret habit is about his idea of punishing any child who misbehaved. Edith Oshoffa, the eldest daughter of the spiritual father of CCC made this known to us via an interview with an online news site sometimes ago that Papa Oshoffa never a child beater. He might be a strict disciplinarian but he had his method of punishing anyone child who erred.

Hear Edith, “there was this intimate relationship we had which made my father not to beat me. I know this. He was not a man who would beat, whip or slap his children each time they misbehaved. But when a child did anything wrong that was serious, he would call on someone to discipline such a child. I received more punishment when I was with Pa. Abiassi.

If one was not among the first 10 in class, one was in trouble. My father was not a beater. I cannot remember the day he caned me. When I was young and I refused to do some things, he would call me later to explain why he wanted me to do what he instructed. I have learnt that kind of approach from him and I relate with my son well too.

My father was a wonderful man. When people trembled seeing him, I just took him as my father. When he was involved in an accident on September 1, 1985, he allowed me to take him to the hospital. We were looking for him and did not know that he had been brought home. When we came home, we saw people trooping in to see him and I felt that he needed a rest. I approached him and told him in French that he would need to go to the hospital. He opened his eyes and said, ‘Edith, if it is you, I will go with you.’ That was how I was able to take him to the hospital on September 2, 1985.”

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2 responses to “Secret Habits About Late S.B.J. Oshoffa Unknown To Many”

  1. sanni oluwamayowa says:

    d legend lives on,!!!!! adieu papa

  2. Ola says:

    Very lovely post. May Papa rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord.

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