The Secret Superior Evangelist Ajanlekoko Took To The Grave

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oshoffa-bada-ajanlekokoWe have all either read or heard of how the Pastor/founder of Celestial Church of Christ, Rev. Pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa was involved in a fatal accident which culminated in his death after he got wind of his aides’ demise. That’s not the information we are sharing with you here today.

According to information from a reliable source, it was gathered that immediately the accident occurred, those in the other vehicles forming part of his convoy as expected ran out of their own vehicle to help the occupants of the car in which the late Oshoffa was travelling.  On getting there it was observed that the man fondly called Papa was nowhere in the car, and neither was the seat he occupied.

A search was mounted and eventually he was found. It must have been the impact of the mishap that flung both seat and passenger out the car into the nearby bush, amid all the fuse going on around him, a slightly unconscious, SBJ Oshoffa we were told had to inquire from those around him about what was happening, after he was told about the accident our informant said Papa Oshoffa  passed out.

Baba Ajanlekoko and those who were with him carried Papa into another car en-route Lagos to get him to the hospital. As it is the norm for accident victims to be made to lie flat and be supported in such a way to make them comfortable, Baba Ajanlekoko was said to have placed pastor Oshoffa in such position in the back of the rescue vehicle with Papa’s head resting on his laps. Baba Ajanlenkoko, according to our source said at this point when Baba Oshoffa’s head rested on his laps, his Pastoral cap fell off revealing a jaw dropping discovery which Baba Ajanlekoko took with him to his grave. For a few people he revealed this to, it was shocking that something was said to have filled Papa’s cap and it was indeed mysterious.

What really could Baba Ajanlekoko have discovered that he remained silent about till death parted him away from church? Well, we can only speculate.

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