Secret Tips To A Successful Marriage Leading To Renewal Of Vows

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Sometimes ago, I attended a renewal of wedding vows ceremony and it made me wonder why would anybody want to re-live the experience. We all know how hard it is for any marriage to survive in the first place so why would you want to celebrate it again. Having made some research on the subject I learnt that different couples renew their marriage vows for different reasons.  First of all, I learnt that the renewal of ceremony is performed at the 10th, 20th, or 50th anniversary of the marriage.

Secondly, the renewal of vows could be an opportunity to invite your loved ones to witness the ceremony first hand especially if they had not witnessed it before. Another reason for the celebration is to mark a milestone of the marriage.  Having this information handy, it gives me some assurance that the celebrant must have had full knowledge of what the marriage is really all about.

Why the celebration?

Most marriages are sweet at the beginning then after few years the married couple may begin to experience some challenges perhaps, because they have taken each other for granted. There is no marriage without fault as there will always be some unresolved issues for them to address.  For any marriage to survive for many years the married couple must first discover a conflict resolution system that is workable and acceptance to both parties.  After all there will be differences of opinion.  For marriages to work well, the couple must also have respect for one another even when they have different views. It takes many years of experience to reach this level of understanding, another secret for a blissful marriage is to develop a higher level of tolerance for each other.

Acceptance of one another:

The key to a happy marriage is not to try and change your partner to what you want them to be but to try and accept them the way they are. This will encourage them to be themselves and you can get the best out of them. Another important point to a happy married life is to help your partner with their faults and assist them to develop their strengths. Two elderly couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and each couple was interviewed separately on what keeps their marriage alive. The man said that he had no idea all he knew was that they never argue on any matter. When the woman was asked the same question, she said that she had made up her mind from the first day to always forgive him no matter what he does. There is a great lesson here for us to learn and that is forgiveness is the master key to a successful marriage and with God on your side you will have the best marriage.

-Bristol Parish

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