Secret Tips To Have A Successful Marriage

December 13, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

In a relationship or marriage where a woman can’t deal with her ego, it’s a big issue… No matter what your social stand is or what you are earning, your husband still remains your Head just as Christ is the Heabusayo-omidiora-weddingd of every church.

Even at Sarah’s old age she called her husband, Abraham “My Lord”.. That’s respect, submission. But this jet age where everything is not black or white, until a husband gives out huge sum of money before you remember he’s your Daddy (Daddy Wa)… The sweetest thing every baby likes is the mother’s cuddling and when a mother holds the child tight same applies to every man outthere… Cuddle him, call him his native or pet  name, praise him like his mother, you know when you ask for #10 and he brings out #1000, it shows your magic is working. Why? Because you have just acted submissively and gave him the pride of being a man.

If it is sweet and good not to have a man then Leah the elder sister of Rachael in the Bible shouldn’t have worried about marrying since her father was a rich man but it is God’s word which must be fulfilled.. So I don’t feel you should feel proud of getting a divorce because your husband is not doing so well (I know it’s crazy but pray and tame him, don’t be lazy, be a praying woman, pray from the first day you step into his house)..

During my secondary school days, I read about a story of a woman who tamed a lion, if she could successfully do that then why can’t you wife be so humble to make your husband a baby without using Juju on him? If he’s the troublesome type, silence is the best discipline for him, not hurling words back at him.

I use to have a big Aunt as friend, she was so rich and still does, she has a husband and two kids but the husband was a very mean man that beats her at every slightest provocation, one day I said, “why can’t you leave him, do you want him to kill you”? With tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, “Not that I’m enjoying the beating i get from him intermittently but it is my home and I won’t allow any lady to take it from me, I will overcome it with endurance.” Lo and behold! she overcame it with joy, presently she, the husband and the children have left the country to celebrate a new lease of life in love…Hmmm, Endurance, Submission, Prayer, Not being a heck of a wife, are the tools you need to win the love and strength of your spouse.

Can two wrongs make a right? The home you build now is what your children will learn from… Don’t be a mother of regret to your Child or Children…Halleluiah!

-Liz Ebony Angel

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