See Photo Of Baba Eto Odunmbaku, 70, Anointing His 90-Year-Old Mum

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Odunmbaku Revrend Mother Baba Eto OdunmbakuThe personality of Baba Eto of Lagos is not what I am interested in here but the fact that a man of 70 anointing his 90-year-old mother. I see grace in display here, then also, I see some high-ranked elders of the church behind Baba Eto whose church members refer to as Cardinal Odunmbaku. I’m sure these elders are followers, they do what they are told.

Have you noticed that one of the pictures also displays the image of his nonagenarian mother?

The highest title for a woman to be robed with in Celestial is ‘Mother Celestial’ but since Baba Eto operates the Catholic version of Celestial Church of Christ and it seems there is no authority to put things in the right perspective concerning the tenets and doctrine of the church so he gave his mother, ‘Special Rev Mother’ CCC Worldwide, title.

“Hmmm the mother receives anointing from her son, Cardinal J.O. ODUNMBAKU on her 90th birthday. Anointing is the nourishment of the body soul and spirit, I pray this day that may i also be privileged to receive such when i am as old as she is. Joint me as i celebrate my 70th birthday this Sunday 4th of September 2016. Jesus is Lord. Cardinal.”

Well, Baba Eto posted this photos on his Facebook wall with the above message. What do you think about it?

2 responses to “See Photo Of Baba Eto Odunmbaku, 70, Anointing His 90-Year-Old Mum”

  1. korede says:

    am tired of celestial of nowadays we are not doing it acording to constitution again cardinal and special rev mother lol may God help us

  2. Evang. Ade Oladapo Oyeneye says:

    Surely the Lord is Watching and Sees all.

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