See What They Have Turned Celestial Church To…When Do We Put A Stop To This?

January 8, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 15 Comments »

For every individual, who has been baptized and sworn to serve God come rain or sunshine in this great church with HYMN 153, ‘I’m going to Jerusalem’cele-ooni-hepzibah-beaulahSunday apena Gabriel Folorunsho sunday-folorunsho… Celestial Church of Christ, will know that the state the church is now is perilous with all kinds of abnormalities and adulterated doctrines brought into it since the demise of Papa SBJ Oshoffa.

No one is an Island of knowledge here, no one is a saint here, no one can claim to rise above fallibility here but it’s a slap on this church and her leadership when someone is parading himself as an Ogboni man under ROF and still claims to be an evangelist (under 5 years of becoming a member) in the church with full Cassock of Evangelist displayed alongside his Ogboni regalia and nobody is asking any question. Is there no man like Phinehas the Tiberian, grandson of Aaron and son of Eleazar the book of Numbers 25: 7-12 gave good account of his acts?

And see this too, can we call this evangelism? What is the relationship between a supposed to be holy event with Ooni of Ife? No photo of Jesus Christ, no photo of Papa Oshoffa and some gullible people will gather to receive blessing of God from such a gathering? God cannot be mocked!

Well, as long as there is still breath of life in me, I will continue to tell those who are bent on putting the good name of this church into jeopardy. In this jet age where churches are moving to the next level with all sorts of advanced technology and Inventions, some people are just there dragging the image of the church in the mud.

Why is there no one to put a stop to all this? How come the disunity has rubbed on the image of the church? How come Celestial is yet to get out of this leadership issue that has led to her stagnancy for 32 years?

May be you have a better answer than I am. Or am I the only one concerned about all this? Please God heal our church. Jeremiah 6:16, 1st Chronicles 7:14.

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15 responses to “See What They Have Turned Celestial Church To…When Do We Put A Stop To This?”

  1. alagba says:

    hmmmm, this are sign of end time.. not only celestial even many men of God that worketh wonders in God name would be disgrace and cast into the lake of fire on that day… bible says let he that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall..lets pray for him and ask for God resue for him.. and you wont beleive that if not for grace and that the days are shorten no flesh would see the kingdom of God.. so the church need prayers we also need to pray for ourselves. many men of God, many strong christians,many prophets, they have all fallen. cos somewhere in the bible samson never knew that the spirit of the lord has departed from him.. so each time i read that verse i always fear God.. so this man case is still very little we all have seen him and can help him with prayers but many of our leaders,shepherds, prophets,evangelist,teachers of the world they have gone more far than this man you all are seeing in pursuits of fame and money and to impress people who would not be there on your day of judgement.. so lets always pray for God guidance and protection..

  2. Bola says:

    Bola: let us all do it right by our example of repentance of all our sinful deeds the eyes of the Lord is on us let usremain focus steadfast and upright to the task we are called upon let us leave a good legacy for children and those coming after us the bible said @ the last age perilous time will come which we are right now Jesus coming is soon that’s why u see this alover Repent 4 d kingdom of God is @ hand. Mt 6:33,Rom 13:11.

  3. ayaoba. says:

    Totally outrageous!!!..this man must be insane!.. ye cannot serve two masters says the holy Scripture.. he calls himself a celestian n he’s an ogboni member at the same time, he’s totally edifying the devil his master!!.. to u Mr ogboni, u can either be cold or hot..if u r lukewarm , the Lord will spue u out of his gathering.. choose between God n Mammon

    … obviously ,u know God is the ultimate and don’t tarnish the image of our church please!!!

  4. Ambassador Henry says:

    Do you know
    there is another Fellowship
    in Heaven ???.

  5. Mother in Celestial says:

    Oju Oluwa mi wo ise re awon Angeli Mimo nko won iba se rare tabi ibi ere ise re ni iwo yio gba ,u cannot mock God Ucan not serve mammon and God it is so clear heaven is real nd hell is real the choice is yours.

  6. AA Peter says:

    It is easy to blame everything going wrong in the church on disunity, leadership problem or lack of it. Yes, we need strong leadership, unity but in the absence of that, this church has a strong code of conduct, rules and regulations, the question will be, who will enforce it when there is no leader. It is high time we members start taking responsibility for our actions, we should stop looking for excuses or scape goats for our immorality and the bad things being perpetuated by members.
    Leadership or succession problem is not peculiar to CCC, it is all over the Christian community, unlike the pentecostal churches where a pastor will leave a church in whatever manner and start a church with new name registered. In CCC the. Factional leaders know how great this church is and do not want to go out. We are all going to account for our deeds, let us do it right celestians, I love this church, cele till death.

  7. Samson omosanya says:

    In an organisation,where there is disunity,such thing is expected.Where somebody can just wakeup one morning and declare himself pastor celestial ww.That’s why some shepherds misbehave since there no pastor to check their activities.God help us,bring back unity&love to the church celestial.Amen.

  8. oluwarantimi says:

    may God of celestial help us and save open the eyes of our leaders.

  9. Adeniji mosun says:

    Toju ise re ijo mimo ,e sododo eyin ijo mimo oju mi wo ise yin loke orun, dat is celestial song for every person dat misbehave to d rules and tanant of d church

  10. Ajibesin Oluwakemi Yetunde says:

    D Hymn Book Of Ccc Av Judge It Says; Gbogbo Wa Ni Yio Duro Niwaju Oluwa Atewe Ati Agba Ao Si Rojo Wa ……………

  11. Charles Dan says:

    Ccc members this are not encouraging people of out the church @ all ,they are serving two master @ a time ,may God help the real members.

  12. Celestina says:

    May D Lord Of SBJ Help Ur

  13. Jimmy Jam says:

    The white garment churches, CCC including needs to move with time, time of advanced recreation and rebranding lest it remains stuck in the concept and ideologies of its original inception. The world as we know it has far moved from thence. Modernization and technology infused re-orientation of the doctrine needs to be imbibed in other for the sects to attract younger memberships. Younger memberships that’ll ultimately take the sects further but who are now being lost to those other new age churches that have enveloped the land, and who have pivoted to modern age technology in their systems.
    The ogboni looking guy I believe is a thoroughly confused man seeking attention.

    • Rm Olumakin says:

      Your point is not clear, are you saying because of technology, modernization, that the church should adopt the Ogboni concept and do away with the main principles that moved God to descend the church from Heaven to the world? Catholic Church doctrines, still remains the same for 1500 years, so forget about changing the doctrines of Celestial Church of Christ, ” Matthew 22:14″ . Thanks but no thanks.

  14. Evang Abraham says:

    May God help us in this celestial church we lacking holy spirit and not having a good leader that is not capable.

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