See What Cracks In The Leadership Of CCC Have Caused Us

August 13, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Uncategorized / 2 Comments »
The Church is one, united and undivisive Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. The only difference is that our spiritual fathers have refused to accept the fact that this Church belongs to Christ and not humans.
All members of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide founded and established in 1946 through Pastor S.B.J Oshoffa still see themselves as one, sing the same Hymns, the same order of service, same doctrinal standards, and same name Celestian.
No wonder the bible says in ROMANS 16:17 “And now I make one more appeal, my dear brothers and sisters. Watch out for people who cause divisions and upset people’s faith by teaching things contrary to what you have been taught. Stay away from them.”
All of our spiritual fathers should come back together and ensure unity, that’s our appeal.
Pastor E.M.F Oshoffa, you are challenged to start the process of bringing everyone together from Rev. Pastor S.E OROVBONI, Rev. Pastor Beni Omoge, and others.
God will ensure lasting and final peace in Celestial Church of Christ in Jesus’s Name. Amen


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2 responses to “See What Cracks In The Leadership Of CCC Have Caused Us”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Please CCC is founded in 1947 not in 1946 written up .

  2. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Point of correction: CCC is not founded in 1947 not in 1946 as written up certainely by mistake (please my dear try quick to correct this if not black tongues would accuse you of changing CCC’s story).
    Many times running I did ask the whole CCC rulers to say the truth about the root of chaos in CCC. Nobody responded till I started to relate the ongoing situation initiated just after the burial ceremonies of the Founder by Suprem Evangelist A A BADA (who self acclaimed pastor, anointing people and moreover exported oversea the cup of anointment), followed some time later by Superior AGBAOSSI Bénoit of Ajase self acclaimed also pastor, anointing people and finally exported also the cup of the anointment. All this resulted to appearance of numerous self acclaimed pastors till that OROVBONI under our eyes. This is the genesis of the situation agraved by the then BOT!
    Who to blame?
    God save HIS Holy CCC IN jESUS’ Name : Amen!

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